Devolved – Oblivion

Tech-death metal act Devolved has constructed a beast of cybernetic brutality on their third album, Oblivion.

The only band to come with a warning label that’s not “explicit content”—each album warns sufferers of epilepsy to use caution as the tunes can (and have) induce a seizure—Devolved have been hard at work in crafting this album and it shows.  For the first time the band has added some clean vocals to their mechanized assault (“World in Denial,” “Wretched Eyes of God,” “From the Ashes” and  “Divinity”) creating some melodic hooks in between the rapid-fire drum work, heavy guitar crunch and drill sergeant bark.

Comprised of (inhumanly fast) drummer John Sankey; vocalist Kyle Zemanek; guitarist Brett Noordin; bassist Hal Berkstresser and sampler Anthony Sabatino, Devolved is easily one of metal’s best kept secrets.  The problem is, though, that they’re a secret that begs to be shared.  There’s no reason why this group shouldn’t be on the summer metal tour circuit either in the states or tearing apart European festival stages.  Specifically with tracks like “Into Fire,” “Transcedence” and “Legions Rise” as part of their repertoire.

Fans of Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad or Sybreed show your love for flat out, kickass metal and get your hands on a copy of this album.  Spread the word of Devolved, the metal world will be better for it.

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