Why U2 & linkin park Suck!

Unfortunately, there will be a break in the musication segment this week because I heard something that pissed me off the other day and I can’t keep quiet about!  I was watching the newest Transformers movie and at the end of the movie a Linkin Park song plays during the credits.  I was sitting there with my brother-in-law and he had the nerve to say that linkin park was a great band!  I immediately turned to him and gave him the evil eye of death!  I FUCKING HATE LINKIN PARK!  I know that I preach to everyone that we are entitled to our opinions about music.  I know that I say music is art and we see things differently, but this is different!  linkin park sucks ass for several reasons:

Reason 1:  The lead singer sounds like an absolute pussy!  I’m sorry for being so blunt, but he does!

Reason 2:  They are not original.  There have been many bands to fuse the rock/rap genre with a better product.  Plus, I hate when rap/rock is fused, because it is hardly done right!

Reason 3: The media loves them and for what?  Does anyone out there actually know 1 song that they sing?

Reason 4: They are not original.  They are force fed down our throats and they are a marginal band, at best.

Reason 5:  The lead singer sounds like a pussy (I know I said that already, but I just thought it was worth repeating)!

Now that I got that sorry ass band off my chest, on to my next victim: U2.  Now before I go on, I think Bono is a great humanitarian.  This has nothing to do with his political views or associations, this is strictly about the music.  Listening to the past few ETS Shows, U2 has been brought up, and with their recent concert making the news, I thought it was high time I said my piece.  U2 is a good band, they have hit songs and hit records, but they are NOT great!  You may ask yourself, “What, I think they are a great band, why is Mailo so mad?”  I’ll tell you why using 2 words:  Zooropa and Pop. Any band that releases piece of shit albums like those two should never get a second chance.  Zooropa sucked, and I can maybe live with that, but they followed that album up with the even suckier Pop album.  Any self respecting band would have just shut it down and walked away.  But no, not U2, they are too important to music to do that.  They are so arrogant, that they said that they would be re-applying for the job of greatest band in the world!  What?

U2 labeled themselves as the greatest (not the best, but the greatest) band in the world, and the media bought into it!  They are not even close to being the greatest band in the world.  They are such arrogant pricks!  Again, they are a good band, there is no mistaking that, but I challenge anyone who claims them to be the greatest band!  As long as Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pixies, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Sixpence None The Richer are making music, then U2 can not have stake to that claim!  Part of my hatred is the media, but the other is their arrogance!

The reason I hate the radio is because they force music down your throats!  You may not believe this, but you do not have a choice in music.  You are told what to like and what not to like.  You do not have a choice.  As long as you listen to secular radio, then the choice is made for you.  linkin park is big because you are told to like them.  Think about it!  You are being told what to listen to by record labels who have tons of money to dish out to radio stations.  These stations will play the same crappy music all day until it gets stuck into your head.  Then you run out and get the CD, or download the song!  So break away from the secular music and discover all types of music.  Take off your ball and chain and don’t be afraid to stop listening to garbage on the radio.  Break away and discover music.  Then, you can honestly fall in love with bands by your choice, not by someone else’s choice!  Once you master that, then you can try and snatch the proverbial pebble!