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Nothing like a little love in November… matter of fact, we’re having a real life fling in the studio!!! Your favorite hosts Turrtle & Ky chop it up with Justin Ivey… the amazing drummer for the Long Beach-based band The Fling. And since we’re all about sharing, we invite you to jump on this music-lovefest-wagon. Your ears are gonna love you! Lots of FREE music from the group… find out what moves these lil’ sex pistons, what you can expect from their hot new album, and the latest dish on their upcoming tour!

Ky on Halloween, dressed as a booshee chick. Nice blonde wig Ky!

And if that’s not enough to get you all hot-n- bothered, Ky & Turrtle recap on their Halloween adventures… tossin’ in the latest celebrity gossip from Hollyweird, and a sprinkle of gut bustin’ fun- all in the mix! So what the heck are you waiting for? Click play, and listen to this show now. (oh and tell your friends too. sweet. good talk)

Hope your ready to have a Fling with The Fling! Check Them out– Website, Facebook, Myspace and follow them on Twitter!

Love The Fling’s music? Then buy their album already! “When The Madhouses Appear” on Amazon.

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Long Beach-based band, The Fling! We love them long time!