Villains – Intentions

So Cal four piece, Villains, has come out swinging on their debut EP, Intentions; equal parts heavy-hitting, pit-inducing hardcore and beer-swilling party metal.  Think if Fight Paris took music lessons from Poison the Well or if Hopesfall spent a weekend in Las Vegas with Every Time I Die and you’re in the ballpark.

The pace and chug of album opener, “Going Out In Style” suggests that these cats are going to take no prisoners, but when you reach the, “heeeerrreee weeee gooooo!” of the second track, “Syphillisaurus” it’s apparent that the band’s bark is a precursor to a playful bite.  Rounded out by singer Kyle Dorow; guitarist Jake Schuman; drummer Garret Boosalis; and bassist Peter McGuire, Villains work with a unique balance of vicious tunes with bone-crushing breakdowns and tongue-in-cheek song titles like, “That’s what She Said” and “It’s a Living?” but somehow they manage to make it look effortless.

The highlights of Intentions include the summer-time metal vibe of “Dead over Heels,” the anti-nine-to-five anthem, “It’s a Living?” and the amazingly delicate instrumental “Interlude.”  Fans of heavy music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Villains are here to keep the headbanging party moving.

Follow the band’s antics on their Facebook page.

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