Tortoise & The Hare Experience Ep 46 “Love All Over You”

 (L-R) John Kaye, Maxx and Turrtle

John Kaye, Maxx and Turrtle

LISTEN in as Turrtle ( the tortoise) and Max Wasa ( the Hare) come together for an all new Experience! Tons of guests and music for you on this experience! We Have Stephen Costantino stopping by, plus The Overlord himself, John Kaye talks to us! And Hugo from the band “Tantric” talks to us about the bands website construction and tour dates! We Want You… To Enter The Shell!

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Here’s The Music we played:

1. John Kaye & The Overlords– “Hold Out”

2. John Kaye & The Overlords– “You’re So Bad”

 (L-R) Stephen Costantino, and Maxx

Stephen Costantino, and Maxx

3. John Kaye & The Overlords– “It Ain’t Love”

4. Tantric – “Breakdown”

5. Tantric– “Mourning”

6. Tantric– “Down and Out”

7. Stephen Costantino – “Get Em All”

8. Stephen Costantino– “All For You”

9. Stephen Costantino– “Silent Heart”

10. Stephen Costantino– “Awake Sleeping”

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 (L-R) Turrtle, Maxx and Hugo Ferreira

(L-R) Turrtle,
Maxx and Hugo Ferreira

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(L-R) Turrtle, Stephen Costantino, John Kaye,. Maxx and Hugo Ferreira

(L-R) Turrtle,
Stephen Costantino, John Kaye,. Maxx and Hugo Ferreira