The Enter The Shell Show Companion Blog! :: I Know What You Did Last Easter

Welcome to the Enter The Shell Show Companion Blog! This week, in I Know What You Did Last Easter, the crew returns after releasing the EP to a boat load of news and a couple of special guests! Listen to the show and click on these links for information on the topics as well as a direct route to blogs you may have missed last week! We’re here for you!

Intro song: “We Will Rock You” by Queen

Top iTunes Singles

Top iTunes Albums

Erykah Badu … Instead of the other way around.

You can check out Katie Costello’s Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube Channel after you fall in love from watching the crew’s interview with her! Her album Kaleidoscope Machine can be purchased on iTunes as well as on Amazon.

Whitney Houston ate too many (cocaine) brownies.

Jack White is crying about something again.

The Film Freak stops by to talk to the crew again! Click here to visit his site.

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Outro song: “Dreaming” by Blondie

If you missed out on any of the blogs, no worries! We’ve got them here for you!