Sunday’s Blessings: The Smiths


God Bless The Smiths. No I’m not talking about the awesome English rock band fronted by Morrissey, Im talking about another group of Smiths. Is there anything that Fresh Prince and his family of talented angels can’t do? Today is the birthday of Will Smith’s youngest child, Willow Smith, and what better way to chronicle and honor the sheer power of the Smith family by commenting on its youngest member’s current accolades (quite ironically, coming at a most newsworthy time).”Whip My Hair.” That is the name of the Willow Smith’s song that has recently exploded over the inter-webs. Its surprising me that a song about whipping your hair back and forth can be considered enjoyable, but alas we live in the world that teaches you how to dougie, tells you to lean back and party in the U.S.A. Little Willow’s success is the perfect example of the Smith’s endless bag of skill. She is the only 10-year-old signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and the only one with a single peaking on the Billboard Hot 100. Shit, when I was ten I was proud of myself when I remembered to bring my lunch to school, let alone have a hit song.

It’s not like I should be surprised at Willow’s success. Her older brother Jaden, who has acted in three Hollywood blockbusters, is the tender age of 12 (when translated from Smith-age to normal-human-age equals about 25). He starred along side his dad in the 2006 film Pursuit of Happiness at the age of 8, then along side Keanu Reeves in The Day The Earth Stood Still at ten and most recently replacing Ralph Macchio as the latest tadpole in the new adaptation of The Karate Kid. Together, this sibling duo has more talent in their fingertips than the Hiltons, Olsens, Baldwins and the Arquettes combined.

Yes dad’s genes run deep in their kids. Will broke into a mildly successful MC career with DJ Jazzy Jeff in 1985, he was only 17. I’d like to say the same about Mrs. Smith, the vivascious Jada Pinkett, but her career didn’t take off as early as her husband and kids. Her’s kicked off when she was 20, grabbing small roles in early 90’s sitcoms like Doogie Howser M.D., True Colors and 21 Jump Street.

The Smiths aren’t perfect. Whether it be dabbling in Scientology or fronting hack metal bands (Jada sang for metal band “Wicked Wisdom”), they have their hang ups like everyone else. Despite those oddities, they must be doing something right because their kin are poised to be big players in the music and film industry, and who knows, maybe the Smiths aren’t done having kids. Are we set to face the incredible wrath of a fourth Smith? (Will has another son from a previous marriage) Who knows? One thing is sure though, if they do have another kid and it follows in Willow’s and Jaden’s footsteps, it’ll be moonwalking out of the womb.