Songs We Must Have!

Kate Nash is another potty-mouthed Euro like Lily Allen.  This single was off her 2007 album, “Made of Bricks.”  What I like about this song is how she sings in a hurried way, yet stops in the middle of the track to add her commentary.  This song is about a couple who are on the verge of a break up.  as it says in the hook, “Our fingertips are holding/Onto the cracks in our foundation/ I know that I should let go, But I can’t.”  While the album as a whole is OK, this song really stands way above anything else on the album.  This song reached number 2 in the UK, but never really made a dent here in the U.S.  Slant ranked this song #17 as the top 25 singles of 2008.  Click here for a free download of a remix of “Caroline’s a Victim” and the video for “Foundations!”  Enjoy!