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Turrtle, Ky, Savvy & Our Amazing In-Studio Fans!

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Turrtle & Ky Are Expanding NATIONWIDE! Gotta love these two!

We’re spittin’ it hip hop style in this week’s sexy addition of The Enter The Shell Show! Your favorite hosts Ky and Turrtle take you inside Noho2 Studio with a live in-studio audience as they welcome one of the hottest MC’s to The Enter The Shell stage. And how stinkin’ perfect is this…it’s all just in time for a huge announcement.

*Drum roll please*…

The dynamic duo is about to blow your mind. They’re taking their music movement a step futher (damn they’re awesome)… What the heck are they doing you ask??? EXPANDING NATIONWIDE!! Our ETS headquarters just added a new location to the list. We’re not just in Hollywood anymore todo! Nope- it’s about to get crazy. Ky is hitting the road and headed down south to check out what’s going on in Texas… Houston, Texas! Can we get a Yeehaw for H-Town??!!!! We hope our leading lady is ready for some southern hospitality, cuz we’re sure Texas is gonna love it some Enter The Shell!!!

So what’s more fitting to bid Ky off to her new southern adventure, than to have one of her favorite hip hop men, Savvy, on the show! (oh, and did we mention Savvy is an H-Town native?!). This show is sexy, spicy, and oh so savvy! Take a listen into our live show- with the hottest freestyle from Savvy– live from Noho2 Studios!

After The Show- Oliver, Ky, & Savvy

He’s reppin’ for Houston, showing us the perfect balance of play-on-words atop the hottest beatz with some southern flair. Help us send Ky off in style- we’re picturing her in cowboy boots and the whole gettup as we speak (hot damn!) While our favorite lil Ky is turning Southern Bell, Turrtle continues to hold it down in Tinsel Town- awaiting for his next big musical reunion with his leading lady! Cheers to Ky & Turrtle and the new adventures of The Enter The Shell Show!

Join us for the newest chapter of our amazing Enter The Shell Show story! Stay tuned… Ky and Turrtle have more brewing up their sleeves from down south, westcoast, and beyond!!!

Ky’s got mad love for Savvy and a whole lotta hip hop, and you should too (duh!!) Here’s how you can check him out on Savvy’s official website and Go Here to Download His Mix Tape.

Thanks To NoHo2 Studio for letting us broadcast live! If you want to see more pictures from the show Click Here!


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