Sara's Covers Revue, Vol.1 – The Bird and the Bee covers “Sara Smile” :: Originally by Hall & Oates

After years and years of getting this song dedicated and sung to me, it only now has an emotional affect on me. Thank you, Inara George.

The Bird and the Bee performs the Hall & Oates original (their first Top 10 hit in the U.S.) on Morning Becomes Eclectic, a Santa Monica-based radio program on KCRW. Greg Kurstin and Inara George take on the daunting task of remaking “Sara Smile” and definitely succeeded. Even if it sounds a little silly when she sings, “Won’t you smile for me? Make me feel like a man, stop making me crazy, crazy …” She does so so beautifully!

Kurstin’s soft piano is beautiful and George’s slightly raspy voice gives me the chills when she calls out my name! Hall & Oates’ version is no doubt a classic but this soft version by the Bird and the Bee is a very beautiful updated version.

Despite the song’s slow tempo, Hall & Oates’ version of the song has a full band (bass, drums, guitar, keys and the occasional strings) whereas Kurstin and George don’t over complicate things with the beats they’re used to using in their two albums (The Bird and the Bee and Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future). Kurstin’s beautiful piano compliments perfectly with the stripped-down feeling of this song and goes perfectly with George. Once again, the Bird and the Bee have proven that they are the perfect dynamic duo, even when the material isn’t even theirs!

Don’t worry, Inara. I’ll keep smiling for you!

Inara George and ETS's Sara

Inara George and ETS's Sara