Redgrave Playlist

Redgrave | Photo credit: Andrea Bauer

The best music comes out of necessity, where one player can’t take the next step forward without another striking that next note with the second player ­ even if the two musicians had hardly known each other.
That urgency sums up the prelude to REDGRAVE, a swamp blues, heavy rock duo that is already being touted in the Chicago media as the next band on the horizon to watch. One year ago the band never existed and the two players, Angie Mead and Stephen Howard, were mere acquaintances. Today, they are poised to release their first EP (Lovitt Records, 8-24-11) and have earned unexpected admirers from top tastemakers like Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow and Califone’s Tim Rutili.

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1. Big Black Delta– “IFUCKINGLOVEYOU”

2. Everest– “Raking Me Over The Coals”

3. Redgrave– “Dick Moves”

4.  Redgrave– “Custom A”

5. Redgrave– “Assault Song”

6. Redgrave– “Taunt”

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