Musication- Valentine's Day Edition

I’m Back!  For this week, that is!  I’ve decided to roll out an oldie but goodie!  Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you’ve forgotten to get flowers, I thought I’d make things a little easier by giving you a playlist of  songs to burn onto a CD.  So while you’re driving to a nice diner, you can get the romance going!  So enjoy, but keep in mind that I am not responsible for any children conceived as a result of this playlist!

Everlong (acoustic)– Foo Fighters:  So right off the bat you’re thinking “A rock song?”  Yes, the acoustic version of this song is what started all these acoustic performances, when David Grohl performed this track for Howard Stern.  It started it all!   The lyrics are great and the guitar is beautiful, just check this out:  “Breathe out/So I can breathe you in/And Hold You In.”  Need I Say More?

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face– Roberta Flack:  Even the title of this song brings me chills!  Flack is an R&B Legend, and the soft melody is very romantic, especially with the equally moving lyrics.  This one is definitely a track to inspire a romantic mood!  “The First Time Ever I Held Your Hand/I Felt the Earth Move Within My Hands/Like A Trembling Heart of A Captive Man.”

Without You– Mariah Carey:  Originally recorded by the Brit Band Badfinger, Mariah covered this track and made it more of a traditional ballad.  The original has a “Flower Power” 70’s vibe.  Sir Paul McCartney once said that this was one of the most beautiful songs ever written.  What great praise from one of the greatest songwriters of all-time!

Somebody– Depeche Mode:  “I want somebody to share/Share the rest of my life/Share my innermost thoughts/Know my intimate details/Someone who’ll stand by my side/And give me support/And in return/She’ll get my support/She will listen to me /When I want to speak/About the world we live in/And life in general/Though my views may be wrong/They may even be perverted/She’ll hear me out/And won’t easily be converted/To my way of thinking /In fact she’ll often disagree/But at the end of it all/She will understand me/I want somebody who cares/For me passionately/With every thought /With every breath/Someone who’ll help me see things /In a different light/All the things I detest/I will almost like /I don’t want to be tied/To anyone’s strings/I’m carefully trying to steer clear of
Those things/But when I’m asleep/I want somebody/Who will put their arms around me /And kiss me tenderly.”  Enough Said, Game Over!

Destiny– Zero 7:  I just love SIA, she has an unbelievable voice and she really goes to work on this track!  I love Chill music and this track is a chill essential.  You’ll enjoy the laid-back production and the silky smooth voice and sulky lyrics.

I’ll Stand By You– The Pretenders:  Chrissie never gets the critical acclaim that she deserves.  She has been kickin’ ass for decades.  One of her best written and most well known songs is this one, it always gives me chills when I hear it!  Her vocals are outstanding and the arrangement is classic!

Love Divine– Seal:  This guys got everything, a beautiful voice and even more beautiful wife.  His career has been filled with critical acclaim and with good reason!  This song goes well with the mood I am accidentally setting.  I am into lyrics, and this song is up there in that department!

From This Moment– Shania Twain:  this song is one of those fluffy tracks, but let’s face it, it is very romantic. Especially visually seeing Shania in a wedding dress, it is every man’s fantasy!

Colour My World– Chicago:  Another Chicago hit!  This song is so good that I couldn’t leave it off this playlist, I just wouldn’t be doing my job!  Very romantic!

In Too Deep– Genisis:  The most recent Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, and with tracks like this, who would ever doubt it!  Phil Collins also doesn’t get much credit for being one of the best singers of our generation.  At least he’s getting the credit here!

Against All Odds– Phil Collins:  While writing this I am actually listening to this track and I got chills running from the back of my neck to my fingertips!  This, in my opinion, is the greatest song ever written and one of the best vocal performances ever recorded!

You Sure Love To Ball– Marvin Gaye:  Taken from the appropriately titled album, Let’s Get It On.”  From the start of this track, you know exactly what the purpose is!

You Don’t Know My Name– Alicia Keys: “Baby-Baby-Baby” this classic smooth, down-tempo is a great way to end our playlist.  Like I said, I’m a sucker for piano based female singers!  Enjoy!

All My Life- K-Ci & JoJo:  When it comes to ultimate R&B slow jams, this has to be near the top of the list.  Although K-Ci Hailey is a weirdo, there is no denying this powerful ballad!

When You Wanna Come- Brian McKnight:  this song serves only one purpose- bedroom dancing!  This song is too damn sexy and suggestive for its own good!  I GUARANTEE this song will get the mood right where it belongs.

The Hidden Track– Every good playlist/album has to have the hidden track, and this one is no different.  Be careful, because this is the ultimate song to get any girl in the mood!  Once the mood is set, turn the volume up and watch the magic happen!  Enjoy, but be careful because this may be the ultimate Valentine’s Day song!