Fortunate Son– Creedence Clearwater Revival- When you hear John Fogerty’s voice, you immediately know who it is.  With all the talk of war, health care and bailouts this song hits home, even though it was recorded in 1969.  This is the 6th track off their 4th release, Willy & The Poor Boys. This song still hits home, talking about how the fortunate don’t get the pleasure of serving during war.  How the rich get passes, while the poor and middle class take it in the @#$!   This song was ranked #99 of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Songs of All-Time.

For No One– The Beatles- This is by far my favorite Beatles song.  It is the 6th track off their 7th album, RevolverRevolver is considered by many (arguably) to be the best album ever recorded. This is a rare song because Paul McCartney plays all the instruments, except the drums (Ringo) and the horn (Alan Civil).  Interestingly, Harrison & Lennon do not play on the track.  The original song titles was “Why Did It Die.”  Paul McCartney is my favorite Beatle and I think that is why I love this song so much; it hurts deep down into my soul!

Enjoy the Silence– Depeche Mode- “All I Ever Wanted/All I Ever Needed/Is Here/In My Arms”  Damn that is some good shit!  Was there a bigger band in the 1980’s than Depeche Mode?  Meat Matt, Turrtle and Dr. Justin, recently went to their concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  Depeche Mode is an amazing live band.  This song is the 6th song off their 1990 Mega Record Breaking album, Violator.  David Gahan has seemed to work past some of his internal demons, so check out this incredible band!  More importantly, find time to enjoy the silence!

The Grand Finale– The D.O.C. f/NWA-  The D.O.C. is a west coast rapper, who never go too much love in the east.  He was backed by the super group NWA.  This song appears on The DOC’s 1989 album, No One Can Do It Better.  This song features all the all-stars:  Ice Cube, MC Ren, Eazy-E and the DOC.  What is crazy about this song, was that it featured real instruments.  Who was doing that back in the day?  The west coast rarely gets any love or respect in the rap game, but this song is crazy good!

Love You Down– Ready for the World-  It is time to get nasty!  This is a steamy song from the 80’s R&B/Funk band Ready for the World.  This song is off the band’s 1986 second album, “Long Time Coming,” is that a play on words?  This song is guaranteed to get the party started, especially with lead singer Melvin Riley’s steamy lyrics and even steamier delivery.  This band is most known for their funk smash hit, “Digital Display” and “Oh Sheila.” So enjoy this slow jam, and let enter the shell love you down!