In our last podcast, Dr. J mentioned some funk bands that he had worked with.  I was taken back by some of those names and I decided to do a Funked-out version of Musication (Since this feature is in honor of the Dr.)  So check out these tracks by some of the funkiest artists around!

Men All PauseKlymaxx- When I heard Dr. J mention Klymaxx I almost fainted.  This all-girl funk band never got any play during the 80’s.  This song immediately came to my mind.  It is the lead track off their 1984 mega hit album, “Meeting in the Ladies Room.”  These girls are funky!  They had other smash hits like:  “Meeting in the Ladies Room”,  and the ballad “I Miss You.”  Nate Dogg & Kurupt used the hook in their hit single, “Girls All Pause.”

I’d Rather Be With YouBootsy Collins- Does it get any funkier than the Funk master Bootsy Collins?  This track is off of his 1976 album,”Stretchin’ Out in Bootsy’s Rubber Band.”  If this song sounds familiar to you, it should.  It was re-done by the immortal Eazy-E, with the track, “I’d Rather.”  Bootsy came to fame during the Parliament/Funkadelic era, which he was a part of.  He released about 15 funk filled albums!  It’s Bootsy Baby!

Square BizTeena Marie–  The original White Chocolate.  Marie is a Rick James protegé, don’t let the white skin fool you, this Diva can belt out a funk jam with the best of them!  She and Rick James collaborated on many hits, including a brief cameo in this track.  This song is the 6th track taken off her 1981 album, “It Must Be Magic.”  Teena Marie has been touring around SoCal for awhile, so check out this Diva near your hood!

I Want To Be Your ManRoger & Zapp- When have you known someone with a car, who had subwoofers that didn’t bump a Zapp track?  Zapp is probably the most sampled artist of all-time!  With all their hits, why choose this track?  Well, this song is not really a Roger & Zapp song.  It is actually a Roger Troutman song, which appears in his 1987 album, “Unlimited!”  This is a beautiful ballad, worthy of being used by any guy to get a girl!  This track belongs in the Slow Jam Hall of Fame!  R.I.P. Roger, you were a pioneer!

Mothership ConnectionParliament- Bootsy was cut from the cloth of Parliament.  In the 1970’s, there was no one doing funk like Funkadelic/Parliament, or should I say P-Funk!  Straight out of Ohio, these guys were gettin’ down and dirty with funk.  Their live shows were legendary for over the top stunts and jams.  There would be shows were it seemed liked there were 100 people on stage!  I would have given anything to see these cats in their prime!  This is the second track off their 1974 album, “Mothership Connection”

Thanks Dr. J for bringing the Funk Back!