Summer MadnessKool & The Gang–  Kool & The Gang has been getting some love from ETS lately, and it is well deserved.  With summer coming to an end, I thought it would be fitting to include this track.  Kool & The Gang recorded many jazz songs, enough to make a compilation called, “Kool Jazz“.  This song does sound like summer, especially when it hits some of its very high notes.  These notes might even make the tweeters in your car explode!  So check out this track, it is sure to make you want to go the park and throw some Carne Asada on the BBQ!

The BreaksKurtis Blow–  Some of you may only know Kurtis from his radio show “Kurtis Blow & The Old School Show”. Kurtis Blow was one of the original rap artists.  He, along with The Sugar Hill Gang, Grand Master Flash & Afrika Bambaattaa, pioneered this musical genre.  “The Breaks” was one of the first rap songs ever released.  It is the second track off his 1980 self-titled release.  Enjoy the Breaks!

Funky WormThe Ohio Players– This is pure-unadulterated funk!  This is probably the most sampled track in hip-hop history.  Just the other day I heard it in a song, and it reminded me how funky this song was.  It is the 9th song off the band’s 1972 release, “Pleasure“, which is the band’s fourth album.  The song reached number 15 on the billboard charts in 1973.  So if you’re bored at work and feel like gettin’ down or gettin’ funky, then get up out of your cubicle and do the funky worm!

Sylvia’s MotherDr. Hook– This is one of my favorite songs of all-time. I seriously get chills whenever I hear it!  This song has so much passion in the way it is delivered.  Lyrically, the song tells a story of a man trying to call his ex-girlfriend before she leaves town forever, to marry another man.  If that doesn’t catch you, then this will: when you listen to the delivery, it just blows your mind!  Sylvia’s Mother (Mrs. Avery) answers the phone and he pleads with her, “Please Mrs. Avery/I just gotta talk to her/I’ll only keep her awhile”.  The lyrics do not give the song justice, you need to hear this one for yourself!  I’ll be honest, I have always wanted to make a movie inspired by this song!

My Sweet LordGeorge Harrison– Some people may argue that George wrote the best Beatles songs.  My question is, why wasn’t George (as a solo artist) celebrated as highly as John or Paul?  George put out several hit albums and began doing benefit concerts since the split of the famous quartet.   This song is off the incredibly popular and highly critically acclaimed album “All Things Must Pass”, which is considered by many the best solo album of any of the 4 Beatles.  This is not about Christianity, which many people who don’t know about The Beatles believe when they first hear the song.  The song is actually based on the Hindu God Krishna.  Although it has some Christian elements, the song is mostly ambiguous, so many people take on personal beliefs when they first hear this song.  I think that is what George intended.  R.I.P. George, you are truly missed!