Gigolos Get Lonely Too- The Time:  The Time was known in the 80’s for being a funk band with very sexual lyrics.  Their biggest track to date has been the song, “Jungle Love,” which was made famous in Kevin Smith movies.  With songs like “Get it Up,” & “777-3911,” their lyrics got more & more sexual in nature.  This track was the 5th song off their 1982 album, “What Time Is It?”  Lead singer Morris Day got a lot of exposure in the Prince movie, “Purple Rain.”  This band rarely gets any recognition, but today is their day in the sun.

Nights of Pleasure- Loose Ends:  Jane Eugene’s voice along with the phat beats on this track make this a classic R&B standard.  Because of its instrumentation, it is a heavily sampled track in most rap songs.  This band only released 3 studio albums.  This track is taken off their 2nd album, “Zagora” and it is the 8th track off the album.  Other notable tracks off the album include: “Slow Down” & “Stay A Little While Child.”  Loose Ends has a lot of nice tracks that are sampled by many artists, so you may have heard of this band indirectly.

When The Music’s Over- The Doors:  My favorite Doors track.  The Doors are one of the most famous bands of all-time, so their is no need to write about their legendary status.  In my opinion, this is a track that is over-looked as one of their best.  It is appropriately the last track off the bands highly successful sophmore album, “Strange Days.”  With the lyrics, “I want to hear/ The scream of the butterfly.”  Come on, how psychedelic is that?

Paranoid Android- Radiohead:  Radiohead is considered by many the best band of our generation, and with good reason.  I feel that they are the Pink Floyd of our time.  They are not afraid of experimentation musically.  The band’s third album, “OK Computer,” released in 1997, is often considered one of the greatest albums of all-time.  It is often ranked as the best, and this track is the second song off that album.  What I love about this song is the different stages it goes through.  It starts off like a regular rock song.  Towards the middle, Thom Yorke’s vocals become haunting, with a touch of spirituality.  Then as the song closes, it just rocks out!  Truly great!

Straighten It Out- Pete Rock & CL Smooth:  Pete Rock is often thought of as a famed record producer, he hooked up with CL Smooth to release 3 albums.  I first heard this song on the hit TV Show “In Living Color” and I immediately had to run out and buy the CD.  They are known for their smash hit song “TROY (They Reminisce Over You),” but let’s face it, this is my opinion piece so I don’t care!