Meet The Crew

Turrtle- Founder | Content Producer |ETS Show & The PLaylist

Turrtle has a long career of innovation in the industry, from a radioshow on 90.1 KSAK, to, then going underground as a downloadable podcast. Enter The Shell has been through many stages with Turrtle in the pilot seat. Now Enter The Shell has once again morphed into a website that still keeps the same concept of paving the way for music. “From Cyber Space, into your Place”. Email  Turrtle: or catch  him on Facebook

Kelly- Editor in Chief |Editorials | Artist Of The Week

Kelly McDermid is a writer living in Los Angeles where he works on comedy, cooks fancy Italian foods, and obsesses over rom-coms and Seahawks football. His favorite tunes hail from the genres of folk rock and mid 90’s hip-hop. He considers Mark Morrison’s, Return of The Mack, the pinnacle of human sound. For reals; it doesn’t get better than that. Email Kelly: For more stuff hit up or Follow me on twitter at cookiemcdood


Mailo- Host, The Digg |Booking Manager, The ETS Show | Resident Blogger

Born & Raised in Bassett, Ca, Mailo was raised on a steady diet of Ranchera Music and Oldies.  Vicente Fernandez provided the soundtrack to his youth, while The Cure provided the soundtrack to his adolescence. If there is one passion Mailo has, it is music.  Mailo has an ear for music, loving everything from Indie to Punk to R&B.  If there is one thing that he hates, it is terrestrial radio!  Mailo has one goal when writing his blogs:  “To expose our fans to new music/artists that don’t have a higher platform!”  Behind the scenes, Mailo is responsible for booking the musicians you hear on the air.  Mailo has a BS in Computer Science and is currently working on his MBA.  Being a member of the ETS family gives Mailo a platform to voice his opinion on music and be surrounded by incredible/talented people.  “Heck, being the second best blogger isn’t half bad!” Email Mailo:

Jason-  Host, Programming

I am very pleased to launch Music Programming for the culture based website “Enter The Shell.”
The program will keep true to Enter The Shell’s mission statement “Fall in love with music all over again.” I will bring my vast library of vinyl, C/D, 8 Track, cassettes, & downloads to make a diverse blend of auditory fun.
Every show will available for download whenever you need a break from the norm. >Email Jason: or catch  him on Facebook

Darren-  Host, Phone It In

Darren has worked in radio promotions for 8 years now and he has also held a full time boring office desk job for just as long.  He’s always had a small passion for those old timey obscure songs from any era in music and he likes to be that guy who just has to be the first person who’s played that certain song for you.  You know the type?  The one who always has his phone out and when you’re trying to tell the story of how you and your beautiful wife met he pulls up YouTube and is all “Hey, that reminds me of this relic from 1820 that coal miners used to sing to each other as they made their way back topside at the end of a work day.”  Yeah, he’s that son of a bitch.  So good old Turrtle of decided to give him a platform with which he could be that guy for everybody!  So you can all thank Turrtle for this. Catch Darren on Facebook.

DZ- Resident Blogger, Album Reviews

DZ is an underemployed musician from Northern California. His passion for enjoying music has few limits. He also enjoys spicy soup and pickled things. Email DZ:

Matt- Resident Blogger, Album & Cover Reviews

Matt Grebe, music lover, writer, and self-proclaimed “awesome fellow.” Matt resides in Spokane, Washington, (yes “that” side of the state) where he enjoys listening to music, mountain biking, photography, and laughing with friends and family. He has been known to go by the name Geebes (pronounced Gee-bs), but don’t ask why. He is a graduate of Eastern Washington University where he achieved his bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Public Relations. Writing is one of his many passions, as is creativity. He is extremely excited to be writing for Enter the Shell and hopes to be able to share his passion of music with others.! Email Matt: or catch  him on Facebook

Morgan-  Resident Blogger, Album Reviews

Morgan has spent a better part of his twenty-something years abusing the living piss out of his ears with all sorts of music; good and bad. Some say it was necessary to asuage his tinnitus, others that it was an attempt to keep the world at bay. One thing is definitely certain . . . shit. I forgot what that was. Um . . . can I get a beer? Email Morgan: or catch  him on Facebook and while you’re at it check out his Blog