The Terrible Two’s Show!

The Terrible Two’s Show

It’s official!!! is celebrating it’s second birthday… and you know what that means… we’ve entered our Terrible Two’s!!! This show is all about looking back at the fun we’ve had over the last two years, and of course, lots of love to our amazing ETS fans!!!

Tune into this amazing ETS Birthday show as we get made birthday shout outs from some of our favorite artists… Ky & Turrtle talk back to school… and most importantly, we introduce you to Julius C– a group you NEED in your iPod, and like now!!

Jump on the Julius C bandwagon– that’s right, check them on the web! Check out there Website, or catch them on Myspace, Befriend Them On Facebook, and Follow them On Twitter, and while your at it, check out there video’s on YouTube.

Support Julius C, Buy There Music On Amazon

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