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Submissions: We are looking for some incredibly talented musicians with original music that kicks ass. We need to hear your music and if you’re good enough, we’ll have you on our show. Each Musician that makes the cut will perform live in NoHo2 Studio and be interviewed by Turrtle.

Email our booking manager Mailo, at mailo@entertheshell.com
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C/O Enter The Shell
10428 Burbank Blvd.
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NOTE: If you send us a CD or email an MP3, we’ll probably post it if we enjoy it. We rarely post on a band without an accompanying MP3. So if you send us a package and don’t want certain songs posted for download, please note that in the CD package.

Is your music approved to post? If so send us the mp3 and we’ll distribute it to our followers! Send the URL with “Approved To Post” to turrtle@entertheshell.com we will post it providing it doesn’t suck. FYI, if you send us a remix we might not put it up, our priority is posting original work first. No Covers!

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Requests for comment, interviews, and/or appearances from members of the media should be directed to mailo@entertheshell.com

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