Funk/Soul for the Week

Flirt– Cameo:  Cameo has been making music for decades now!  They been funkin’ it up since before I was born.  This is the third track off their 1982 release, “Alligator Woman.”  This was the band’s 8th studio album.  You may know Cameo from their biggest hit song, “Why Have I Lost You?”  You may also know them from other hits like; Candy, Word Up!, and Rigor Mortis.  Unfortunately, Cameo is still making music that no one really cares about.  Back in the day they were a force in the R&B culture!  So, when you see Dr. Justin be sure to call him a Flirt!

How About Us– Champaign:  Now here’s a one-hit wonder!  This is the lead off track to Champaign’s 1981 self-titled debut album.  Although everyone remembers this track, I still remember his other hit, “Try Again.”  This was the jam back in the days!  Everyone was slow dancin’ to this song at every local school dance.  The sax made it a little sexier than the average R&B slow jam!  Hey KY:  Some People Are Made For Each Other/Some People Can Love One Another For Life/How ‘Bout Us?