Funk/Soul for the Week

West Coast Poplock- Ronnie Hudson:  California knows how to party/In the city of Compton/They’re Pop-Lockin’/So Rough, So Tough out here! I’ll be the first to tell you how hard it is living in LA.  It was almost 80 degrees today in December!  Man, it’s rough out here!  I know you are freezing your buts off back east, so here’s a plan, do the west coast pop-lock!  That’ll definitely get you warmed up!  Funk it up!

Let Me Put Love On Your Mind- Con Funk Shun:  So with the name “Funk” in the band’s name, why did I pick a slow jam?  Because this is my blog, that’s why!  This is some serious baby-making music!  While the last track kept you warm while dancing, this song is guaranteed to keep you sizzling in the winter months!  Enjoy!