Funk/Soul for the Week

The Rain- Oran “Juice” Jones:  Man, growing up this song was played non-stop!  I can never forget the classic line:  “You without me is like Cornflakes without the milk!”  Classic!  I absolutely love this song!  I am not afraid/embarrassed to admit it!  As a matter of fact, I am putting it in my iPod’s most played playlist and playing it non-stop!  I love when he confronts her at the end of the song.  “No close your mouth ’cause you cold busted!”  This song is filled with classic one-liners!  Me and Turrtle would sing this non-stop!  Trust me!  Enjoy!

I Will Always Be There For You- Anquette:  Who said that 2 Live Crew doesn’t have any heart?  This was an all girl band produced and signed by Luke of 2 Live Crew!  Again, in the late 80’s this song was played at all the school dances!  It was all the rage!  They look so ghetto fabulous!