Editorial- The Runaways

Last week, The Film Freak was kind enough to join us on the show and talk about the movie “The Runaways.”  In so many words, The Film Freak pretty much called the movie horrible.  For those of you who don’t want to see the movie, yet aren’t too familiar with the band, I’ve decided to do a little write up.

Some of the best bands of the 80s like The Go-Go’s, Bangles, and Bananarama were influenced by The Runaways.  Even newer bands, like the local LA indie band The Like, contain the same type of formula used by members of the Runaways.  Here was the formula used:  Get a group of young girls, put them into a band and watch the money roll in.  Boy Bands became the rage in the late 80s- early 90s, using this type of formula.  What they had in common was that most of them were formed by record label moguls.

The Runaways were one of most influential and first ever all-girl rock bands, who were also formed by a record exec.  The band contained some of the most well-known artists of the 80s, yet their run was short lived, but their impact is still being felt today.  The band produced Rock Goddesses like: Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Micki Steele.  That is some serious star power!  Aside from providing some serious propaganda for future girl bands, they also helped out some other influential bands.  Think about this, while on tour these were just some of the names they had as opening acts:  Van Halen, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Ramones, Cheap Trick & The Tubes.  Impressed?  Those are some pretty influential bands who got their start by opening for this band.

Anyone who reads my blogs regularly, knows that I gravitate towards the female voice, but pre- The Runaways, there weren’t many girl rockers.  Think about it.  How many all girl rockers were there?  I couldn’t think of any.  The closest I came was the band Heart, but they were sisters and the rest of the band was all male.  Blondie, but again, the band was all male.  The same could be said about Janis Joplin and Mama Cass, but there were two men and two women,  So needless to say that The Runaways were revolutionary in that way.

Although the movie may suck, and maybe their music wasn’t all that, truth be told, The Runaways were trailblazers.  We always give credit tp those who were “the 1st” to do anything.  The Runaways may not have been the 1st, but they definitely changed the minds of the music industry and made it possible for some of the girl bands that we have today.