Eddie Cohn Live

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Ky & Turrtle with the amazing Eddie Cohn, his rad drummer Adam Gust, & our fabulous studio audience!

His last name is pronounced cone, like cone head… his drummer (Adam Gust) has hair worthy of the hottest pantene commercial… and Ky and Turrtle are absolutely nuts for his music. Take a journey with us inside the Noho2 Studio with your favorite hosts as they welcome Eddie Cohn LIVE!!!

Eddie Cohn Live on The Enter The Shell Show

He’s one hell-of-a guy with a sound that will knock yer socks off. We continue our music movement, uniting the fans with the artist… and this week the studio was again packed with a live studio audience for an intimate evening of living music, drinks, and some of the best damn conversation on this side of the Hollywood sign. Give this show a listen, yer sexy ears will thank you!

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You can check out Eddie Cohn’s Website, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace! Now that your into Eddie Cohn’s Music, support him by buying his albums on  Amazon

Thanks to Noho2 Studios for providing the location to record Eddie Cohn.

And To Skullr Records for Engineering the recording!

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Eddie, Ky, Adam & Turrtle

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Show Time!

Live from Noho2 Studio