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Album of the Year– The Good Life- The good Life is a band started by Cursive’s Tim Kasher.  This track is the lead off and title track to the band’s third album, “Album of the Year,” which is a concept album.  The album depicts the rise and fall of a relationship.  It has 12 tracks, each one representing a 2 month span.  This song starts off somewhat slow, but it really picks up halfway through.  It has sort of a build up, much like the entire album, check it out!

Yearning for Your Love– The Gap Band- Have you ever met that one girl/guy who you can’t seem to get out of your life?  One minute you hate them, the next minute you can’t live without them.  This is one of the best slow jams ever.  The Gap Band are known for their funk jams, and as a result this song is overlooked as one of their best.  I feel it deep in my soul when he repeats himself over and over again: “You Can’t Keep Running In & Out Of My Life!”  This is some serious R&B/Soul, I do not want to be responsible for any babies that are created as a result of you hearing this song!

Rock & Roll High School– The Ramones- The Ramones are no stranger to many people who love music.  With the fall quickly approaching, I thought this would be an excellent time for you re-discover a pioneering band.  This is one of their hundreds of kick-ass songs!  This song first appeared on the movie soundtrack to the film “Rock N Roll High School.”  It later surfaced on the bands 5th album, “Turn of the Century.’  It is the 10th track of the 1980 release.  Much like all their song, this track is less than 3 minutes!  One of the best lines ever: “I just wanna get some kicks, I just wanna get some chicks!”  R.I.P Joey, you still kick ass!

You’re All I Need– Motley Crue- Long before Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee was in a kick ass metal band!  Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee & Niki Sixx are part of the notorious Motley Crue.  They had so many good jams, it was hard to pick just one.  This is probably my favorite one.  When I first saw this video I was blown away.  This is not one of their major hits, but one of my favorites.  It is the second to last song off their “Grils, Girls, Girls” album.  The Crue is currently touring, so go check out one of the only metal bands still around!

Everybody Loves The Sunshine– Roy Ayers- In the 1970’s nobody was fusing Jazz and Funk better than Roy Ayers.  This was one of his most classic hits.  Just a cool beat to kick back to.  No singing, just background singers singing the hook.  Taken off his 1979 album, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.”  It is the 8th track on this very classic album.  Roy Ayers never gets any radio play, so this may be your first experience, so I hope you enjoy and browse his work online!



Here are 5 songs that you should know, but probably don’t!  So get off your video game and stop playing Flo Rida or Brittany and check out these amazing songs/bands/albums!

Girls– The Beastie Boys- Now I know Dr. J is not a big fan of this band, but I am on the fence about them.  No one can deny the “catchy” alternative sound this song brought in the mid-1980’s!  I know Dr. J will hate me, but in my opinion, Licensed to Ill is one of the best Rap albums ever put out.  It was produced by Super Producer Rick Rubin.  This song is so Damn Catchy!  It was also ranked 217 in Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums of All-Time.  Also, The Source ranked it as one of the top 100 Rap Albums, and Vibe Magazine ranked it as one of the Top 100 Essential Albums of the 20th Century.  Sorry Dr. J.

Paint It Black– The Rolling Stones-  Some of you might just know Mick Jagger as some old guy jumping around on stage.  I’ll have you know that the Rolling Stones were an awesome band back in the day!  This is the lead track off their 1966 album, “Aftermath”.  Aftermath was ranked 108 in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time.  This is one of their signature tunes!

Chick Magnet- MXPX-  This is one of those videos that I can remember where I was when I first saw it.  One of the greatest videos I have ever seen.  I saw it back when MTV actually played music videos!  Believe it or not, but the “M” in MTV actaully stands for “Music!  Crazy, I know!  The video is hilarious, not to mention the song jams.  This band has been around since 1994 and has a very loyal following.  MXPX just released a new covers record, so check them out!

Mysterions– Portishead-  WOW!  Portishead is Tha Shiznit!  This album was rated as the 101 albums you must hear before you die.  Rolling Stone included the album as part of their “Essential Albums of the 90’s” and the Top 500 Albums of All-Time.  NME, SPIN Magazine & Q also rated this album as one of the top albums of the 1990’s.  I don’t know what more I can say about just an awesome band!  This is the lead song off their 1995 debut album entitled, “Dummy“.

Keep On Keepin’ On– Curtis Mayfield- Curtis is my favorite R&B Singer.  This is such a good track.  Pretty much all of his songs are hits.  He originally started off as the mastermind to the famed group the Impressions.  This is the second track off his 1971 album “Roots“.  Until his death, he preached Peace., Love and Understanding, which this song strongly implies.  Long Live Curtis!



I started this section a few weeks ago, with the help of Dr. J.  I hope you can take time out of your day to put your joysticks down (either one, wink wink) and discover these songs, because there is more to life than Panic at the Disco!

Paranoid– Before MTV, bats and Sharon, Ozzy was part of one of the most legendary bands on earth!  Black Sabbath released their second album, Paranoid, which had several hits like: War Pigs (for which the album was supposed to be titled) and Iron Man.  Paranoid is a hard rock classic!

D’yer Maker– A song taken from their fifth album, Houses of the Holy, this song a strong departure from their classic rock sound!  It is more of a dub/jamican/doo-wap sound.  It is a definate must for the summertime!

Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holla)– The song “What’s Going On?” get a lot of play as being one of the greatest songs.  But in my opnion, Inner City Blues is the best.  When you hear the lyrics, you can’t tell whether Marvin Gaye wrote in in the 70’s or today.  It tackles many of the same issues we are faced with today.  It goes goes to show that history repeats itself!

I’m Still #1– In my opinion, KRS-One is one of the best rappers of all-time.  In 1988, Boogie Down Productions released their second album, “By All Means Necessary“.  It went Gold and secured KRS-One as one of the allt-ime best.  Thier are other oustanding hits by the group, but this one is my favorite.

The Fat Lady of Limburg– This is a cover of a weird ass Brian Eno song.  Shivaree released his song in 2005, off the band’s sophmore album “Who’s Got Trouble?“.  This is song has a sound that is undescribeable, and they are still making music, unlike the other artists in this feature.


Musication: Here, My Dear! by Marvin Gaye

Dr. Justin spoke a few weeks ago about the lack of substance in today’s music.  I responded by adding a section called “Musication,” where I would showcase 5 songs that I felt educated our readers/listeners.  Instead of that showcase, I thought I’d bring to our readers something extra.

Marvin Gaye had much success in the music industry, he was often thought of as the “King of R&B.”  He was known as a R&B/Soul Singer with some very sexy songs.  His albums and duets were some of the most successful on the Motown record label.  Although many of his albums were highly successful (critically and socially) there was one album that didn’t receive much acclaim.  In my opinion, it is one of the greatest albums ever recorded:  Here, My Dear.

Marvin Gaye married a much older Ana Gordy, sister to Berry Gordy (Motown founder), in 1964.  Their relationship had its ups and downs, like many marriages.  In the mid-1970’s Marvin fell in love with Janis Hunter.  If you listen closely to the end of the track “Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again from the album “I Want You” he screams out “Oh, Janice!” as the song is fading out.  Obviously, Ana did not find this amusing, nor did the birth of Marvin & Janis’ son in 1975.  The marriage between Ana and Marvin ended in 1976.

During the time of the divorce, Marvin was in financial trouble.  He spent money foolishly and made some bad investments, and he was also addicted to cocaine.  Ana wanted $1 million in alimony, child support and more from Marvin.  He did not have that kind of money.  Marvin’s attorney made a proposal:  Marvin would give Ana $300k and the proceeds to his next album.  Marvin was the top R&B singer of his era, so Ana accepted.  What must have been a hard time for Marvin gave us a record that is beyond supreme!

Marvin wanted to make a bad record, so Ana wouldn’t receive any money.  Artistic integrity set in and Marvin recorded a biography of their marriage.  The entire album, except for the last track, is a retelling of their marriage; the good and especially the bad!  Even the album art goes into detail of their divorce case.

The album starts with the title track, Here, My Dear.”  In this song he asks Ana, “You Don’t Have To Use the Son of Mine/To Keep Me In Line.”

4043311Almost immediately the next track kicks in, “I Met A Little Girl,” which at first is a Doo-Wop style song.  But in the album’s true sound, Marvin retells how they met.  During the middle of the song he recites his wedding vows, then yells out the year “1964,” the year they were first married.  He sings about how they loved one another.  Then he yells out “1976” where sang about how they both changed.  Then I get chills when I hear the last few verses, “We thought our love/Would stand the test of time/But as I sing this song right now/I wonder/Today if you’re a friend of mine.”  He ends the song by singing “Hallelujah, I’m Free.”

The next track is probably his best and the most personal song I’ve ever heard.  I will admit that the jazzy musical instrumentation of the song might not be for everyone, but if you can get past that, then the song, “When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You” (Lyrics) will reveal a side of Marvin you wouldn’t expect.  I can not tell you how good this song is, you must hear it for yourself!  In it he sings “If you really loved me/You wouldn’t take $1 million to part.”

The album is filled with personal stories from their marriage and divorce.  It is truly a gem.  Most people haven’t hear of this album, because it wasn’t received well.  Most fans of Marvin wanted another sexy, love filled album.  In an era where disco was the prominent genre, critics did not know how to define the album.  Sales were poor and as a result the album was not re-issued to CD until the late 2000’s.  This album is his best work, in my opinion.  The album “What’s Going On” is equally amazing, but he sang about how society felt with the war.  That album reflects a time in society, but this album reflects a time that was personal and he let the world know what he was going through.  In the album he also talks about his own imperfections, so he is not just slamming his ex-wife.

Whoever reads this blog should actually go out and listen to this album.  People do not just listen to music anymore.  We don’t expect music to be masterpieces, so we expect mediocrity; this album is far from that.  This album has so many levels to it that I still here things in it that I had never heard before.  So class in session, your first homework assignment:  Listen to this album!



surgeon5bl8When the Doctor speaks, we all listen.  Our own resident physician Dr. Justin thinks music nowadays sucks.  I couldn’t agree, yet disagree, more!  In the last podcast our crew debated, and what they came up with was:  music is force fed down our throats by radio stations who play songs who give them the most money/perks/favors.  That is why I haven’t listened to the radio for over five years now.  Although I disagree on the music of today.  Their are tons of bands/artists who are bad ass, it is just that they do not get radio airplay, which is a shame.  Dr. Justin also said that the younger generation doesn’t know too much of older bands.  I agree, other than the trendy Nirvana, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, the youth do not know much.  I am not an expert on musical history, but from time to time I will post 5 songs that you should discover.  These songs will be an eclectic mix, ranging from R&B, Rock to Country.  Hopefully people can discover/rediscover songs they’d never heard before!  So enjoy and I’ll try to do this every so often.  Because God forbid you should ever run into Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray) and have a music battle!

5 Songs You Should Know

Psycho Killer– The Talking Heads

Sound & Vision– David Bowie

The Promise– When in Rome

PG– Saul Williams

One-Armed Scissor– At The Drive-In