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Top 7 Songs of 2010

As the year comes to an end, every site starts rolling out their end of the year lists.  I’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 Songs of 2010.  So here they are in order:

1.  I Can’t Go For That- The Bird & The Bee- Released on the album “Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute To Daryl Hall & John Oates.”  This song combines two of my favorite things:  Inara and a funky dance beat!  This is a sign of things to come for the Top Albums of 2010.

2.  The Thing That’s The Hardest Is Actually The Easiest- The Shimmies- Released on “To All My Beloved Enemies.” The Shimmies are one of the best bands you’ve never heard of, until now.  This song is reminiscent of Radiohead meets Simon & Garfunkel and is the lead off track to their album.  It’ll leave you wanting more!   Click here to hear the Shimmies on ETS!

3.  Lost & Far From Home- Katie Costello- Released on the Ep “The City In Me.”  Katie is one of our favorite artists on our site.  She recently released her Ep, and this song has been in heavy rotation ever since!  If “The City in Me” is any indication of her upcoming album “Lamplight” then it’ll be (and already is) one of the most anticipated albums of 2011!  Click here to hear Katie playing this song and several others live on Enter the Shell.

4.  Something About You- Cary Brothers- Released on the album “Out of Control.”  This song features another ETS guest, Laura Jansen, on vocals.  This is a cover song, originally done by Level 42 and it was re-worked in a way that makes it a Cary Brothers classic.  The album is one of the best albums of 2010, and this song is a major reason why!  Click here to listen to Cary Brothers on Enter the Shell.

5.  When We Swam- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down- Released off the album “Know Better Learn Faster.”  One of the funkiest tracks of 2010.  This song is guaranteed to get you up off the couch and shake what your mamma gave you!  Thao has been around for several years, but this song put her on another level in 2010, so 2011 looks bright for Thao!  Click here to listen to “When We Swam” on Enter the Ep Vol. 3.

6.  When We Were Young- Lucy Schwartz- Released off the “Parenthood TV Soundtrack.”  This song was officially made available in August of 2010.  Now it is hard to pick favorites, but this song is one of the best in the Lucy Schwartz catalog.  Lucy did big things in 2010, and she’s looking to climb higher in 2011.  I’m certain you’ll hear me write another little something before the end of the year on Ms. LuLu!  Click here for our original interview, and here for her in-studio performance.

7. El Captain- The Steelwells– Released off their Ep “Shallow on the Draft.”  The Steelwells were the first band to appear on the ETS show and with good reason.  Shallow on the Draft was one of the best Eps in 2010.  El Captain was also recognized by the Orange County Music Awards as the best song!    It is also one of the best and most creative videos of the year. We look forward to hearing something new from Joey and the boys, especially some freshly baked cookies!  Click here to re-live the interview!


Musication- Valentine's Day Edition

I’m Back!  For this week, that is!  I’ve decided to roll out an oldie but goodie!  Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you’ve forgotten to get flowers, I thought I’d make things a little easier by giving you a playlist of  songs to burn onto a CD.  So while you’re driving to a nice diner, you can get the romance going!  So enjoy, but keep in mind that I am not responsible for any children conceived as a result of this playlist!

Everlong (acoustic)– Foo Fighters:  So right off the bat you’re thinking “A rock song?”  Yes, the acoustic version of this song is what started all these acoustic performances, when David Grohl performed this track for Howard Stern.  It started it all!   The lyrics are great and the guitar is beautiful, just check this out:  “Breathe out/So I can breathe you in/And Hold You In.”  Need I Say More?

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face– Roberta Flack:  Even the title of this song brings me chills!  Flack is an R&B Legend, and the soft melody is very romantic, especially with the equally moving lyrics.  This one is definitely a track to inspire a romantic mood!  “The First Time Ever I Held Your Hand/I Felt the Earth Move Within My Hands/Like A Trembling Heart of A Captive Man.”

Without You– Mariah Carey:  Originally recorded by the Brit Band Badfinger, Mariah covered this track and made it more of a traditional ballad.  The original has a “Flower Power” 70’s vibe.  Sir Paul McCartney once said that this was one of the most beautiful songs ever written.  What great praise from one of the greatest songwriters of all-time!

Somebody– Depeche Mode:  “I want somebody to share/Share the rest of my life/Share my innermost thoughts/Know my intimate details/Someone who’ll stand by my side/And give me support/And in return/She’ll get my support/She will listen to me /When I want to speak/About the world we live in/And life in general/Though my views may be wrong/They may even be perverted/She’ll hear me out/And won’t easily be converted/To my way of thinking /In fact she’ll often disagree/But at the end of it all/She will understand me/I want somebody who cares/For me passionately/With every thought /With every breath/Someone who’ll help me see things /In a different light/All the things I detest/I will almost like /I don’t want to be tied/To anyone’s strings/I’m carefully trying to steer clear of
Those things/But when I’m asleep/I want somebody/Who will put their arms around me /And kiss me tenderly.”  Enough Said, Game Over!

Destiny– Zero 7:  I just love SIA, she has an unbelievable voice and she really goes to work on this track!  I love Chill music and this track is a chill essential.  You’ll enjoy the laid-back production and the silky smooth voice and sulky lyrics.

I’ll Stand By You– The Pretenders:  Chrissie never gets the critical acclaim that she deserves.  She has been kickin’ ass for decades.  One of her best written and most well known songs is this one, it always gives me chills when I hear it!  Her vocals are outstanding and the arrangement is classic!

Love Divine– Seal:  This guys got everything, a beautiful voice and even more beautiful wife.  His career has been filled with critical acclaim and with good reason!  This song goes well with the mood I am accidentally setting.  I am into lyrics, and this song is up there in that department!

From This Moment– Shania Twain:  this song is one of those fluffy tracks, but let’s face it, it is very romantic. Especially visually seeing Shania in a wedding dress, it is every man’s fantasy!

Colour My World– Chicago:  Another Chicago hit!  This song is so good that I couldn’t leave it off this playlist, I just wouldn’t be doing my job!  Very romantic!

In Too Deep– Genisis:  The most recent Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, and with tracks like this, who would ever doubt it!  Phil Collins also doesn’t get much credit for being one of the best singers of our generation.  At least he’s getting the credit here!

Against All Odds– Phil Collins:  While writing this I am actually listening to this track and I got chills running from the back of my neck to my fingertips!  This, in my opinion, is the greatest song ever written and one of the best vocal performances ever recorded!

You Sure Love To Ball– Marvin Gaye:  Taken from the appropriately titled album, Let’s Get It On.”  From the start of this track, you know exactly what the purpose is!

You Don’t Know My Name– Alicia Keys: “Baby-Baby-Baby” this classic smooth, down-tempo is a great way to end our playlist.  Like I said, I’m a sucker for piano based female singers!  Enjoy!

All My Life- K-Ci & JoJo:  When it comes to ultimate R&B slow jams, this has to be near the top of the list.  Although K-Ci Hailey is a weirdo, there is no denying this powerful ballad!

When You Wanna Come- Brian McKnight:  this song serves only one purpose- bedroom dancing!  This song is too damn sexy and suggestive for its own good!  I GUARANTEE this song will get the mood right where it belongs.

The Hidden Track– Every good playlist/album has to have the hidden track, and this one is no different.  Be careful, because this is the ultimate song to get any girl in the mood!  Once the mood is set, turn the volume up and watch the magic happen!  Enjoy, but be careful because this may be the ultimate Valentine’s Day song!



I feel that I’ve proved my point with this segment.  I started this segment to introduce/re-introduce those of you with no knowledge in music.  I tried to “teach” you good music.  I honestly feel that I’ve proved my point with this segment.  So I am going to stop doing this segment, for now at least!  I hope I was able to shine the spotlight on some good music and help our readers discover new music!  So here are 5 tracks that are at the top of MY list of songs you should know!

Into My Arms- Nick Cave:  This is, in my opinion, probably the greatest music video ever recorded.  Why?  Because of its simplicity, because of its honesty, because of its humility!  The lyrics are phenomenal and the lighting and art in the video make it superior!  This is the lead track off of Cave’s 1997 release The Boatman’s Call.  According to Cave, this was the most powerful song he’d ever written.  So powerful that he performed it at the funeral for INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.  It received critical acclaim in the UK, being named on several lists of the Top 100 songs of All-Time, also it was nominated for Song of the Year.

The Story- Brandi Carlile:  Ah yes, you know some songs just feel right.  I can bet that when Brandi recorded this track she knew she had a hit on her hands!  Because of the bureaucracy and the bull shit in the radio/music industry, this song was never really given a chance.  This song is the type that upsets me because I can’t think of a better song in 2007.  I’ll prove my case:  In 2007, Fergie had the number 1 song of the year:  Big Girls Don’t Cry, while the Dixie Chicks won the Grammy for Album, Song & Record of the Year.  Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me!  Just listen to this song and see for yourself!   If Brandi had a bigger record label and more money to give to radio exec’s, I bet you this song would have made either of these two lists, if not both!

The Way I Am- Nicole Atkins:  Another stand out track of 2007!  This is just good ole music!  Nicole Atkins takes it old school by belting out her song.  The emotion in the hook makes the song memorable, but she is not just ranting for no reason, lyrically the song is actually very good.  Atkins is another one of those artists who doesn’t have the big bucks to market her properly.  This is the 3rd track off Atkins 1997 release Neptune City.  Click here, where you can listen to the entire album for free on Rolling Stone’s website.  Enjoy!

The Grand Parade- Reindeer Section:  This song is simply beautiful!  This was supposed to be the first song me and my wife danced to on our wedding, but it was struck down because of the name of the band, dumb, I know!  This band was formed as a “super band” of Scottish singers, members of Idlewild, Snow Patrol, Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian & Mogwai to name a few.  Snow Patrol singer, Gary Lightbody, was the frontman and really put out a great album.  This track is indicative of the entire album, which is slow-paced, almost purposeful.  I can’t tell you how much I love this song, and I hope you do to!

Coming Back From The Sun– Paloalto:  LA-Based indie band Paltoalto released their self titled debut album in 2000, which included this track.  I love this song too, I love songs where the singer is not afraid to show real emotion.  I hope you love it as much as I do!


Musication- Christmas Edition

When I was growing up, In Living Color was all the rage!  Jim Carrey was the best thing on that show!  His character of Fire Marshall Bill was a great skit everytime!  With Christmas around the corner I thought I’d show this clip to bring you some laughs this Friday!  At the same time, you’ll be learning some valuable fire safety lessons at the same time.  Who says you can’t have fun and learn at the same time?  They lied!  On behalf of everyone in the ETS Nation, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas/Happy New Year, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, or whatever you believe in!


Musication- The Christmas Edition (Pt. 2)

Here are more traditional Christmas songs to get you into the mood this holiday season:

All I Want For Christmas is You- Mariah Carey:  Although I think this chick is a total whack job, I believe this is my favorite Christmas Song of all time!  I absolutely love this song!  I think I love it because this was when Mariah was still normal, before she started getting all weird on us.  This was back when she found her niche in the Top 40-Pop genre.  This really worked well with her, I don’t know why she strayed from the formula.  Nonetheless, this takes me back to a more simple time, a time when you could count on this wonderful talent to provide some stunning vocals and some catchy tunes!

Jingle Bells- The Brian Setzer Orchestra:  When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of George Michael.  The second thing you think about is swing music!  I love the combination of swing and Christmas.  Brian Setzer does it right.  He has released three Christmas albums and they are all very good!  I cannot get enough of this stuff!  Here is a live performance that captures the energy and music that Brian Setzer offers to the listener!  This is the lead-off track to his 2002 Christmas album Boogie Woogie Christmas. Enjoy!

Sleigh Ride- KT Tunstall:  I love it when someone takes an old track and puts a contemporary spin on it.  This is definitely one of those tracks!  KT Tunstall is all about quality, and she never gets talked about as one of the most experimental artist making music today.  She is truly unique, and I think it shows in this track!  This catchy version just makes me wanna get up and dance, which is hard to do with Christmas music!  “Come On/It’s lovely weather/For a Sleigh Ride together with you!”  This is the 6th track off her 2007 Christmas album Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas.

Let It Snow- Diana Krall:  I don’t know about you, but I love Diana Krall!  You either love her or hate her.  Who cares if she’s Canadian, we all can’t be perfect, let it go!  Any Hoot, I am born & raised in Los Angeles, so I have never been in the snow.  I have always loved the various versions of this track, especially this one.  This is the second track of Krall’s 2005 album Christmas Songs.  I have never grown up with snow, and I hear it can be a real bitch, but I wouldn’t know that, so I still think of snow as something cool!  Sorry for those of you back east hating life right about now!

Frosty the Snowman- Fiona Apple:  Have I confessed my undying love for Fiona Apple yet?  Well, if I haven’t, let me just say that I thinks she is bad ass!  I think she is a talented singer/song writer.  I sometimes think she takes herself too serious, but then she released this song, so I have to reconsider my first assumption.  She tackles this classic song and makes it sound so good!  Give it a listen and let me know what you think!


Musication- The Christmas Edition (Pt. 1)

I absolutely love Christmas music. I know I’m a dork!  I can’t help it; as a kid we all loved Christmas.  My parents always tried very hard to make us feel special during the holidays, so I have fond memories of this music!  So the next two or three Musications will focus on holiday music.  This week, we’ll take a look at Not-so Merry Christmas Songs!  Enjoy!

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)- John Lennon: What a great song by one of the greatest artists that ever loved!  John was such an ambassador for peace!  Although this song has a very Christmas feel to it, it’s lyrics are very deep!  It brings chills to me!  This track was released in 1971, yet never released on an album nor did it ever do well on the Billboard music charts, which doesn’t mean anything to me!  This song has been covered countless amounts of times by some very notable singers:  Celine Dion, Neil Diamond, Diana Ross, REO Speedwagon, Maroon 5, Melissa Etheridge and The Fray.  Lennon was a musical genius who’s legacy knows no boundaries!

I Want To Come Home For Christmas- Marvin Gaye:  Another Anti-War song with the theme of Christmas.  As you all know, Marvin Gaye became very vocal about War and our fine soldiers!  This song is very chilling, talking about a Prisoner of War wanting to see Christmas trees and all the other things we take for granted.  Gaye sings, “But I can’t promise my eyes this sight/Unless they stop the fight!”  Again, Gaye’s passion comes through, with the definite R&B soul flavor we all expect from the R&B King!  We expect no less from this great artist and he definitely delivers on this one!

Last Christmas- Wham!:  When you think of Christmas music, only one artist comes to mind: George Micheal!  Oh, come on!  As a kid, this was one of the first Christmas songs I fell in love with!  I still love it today as I did as a kid!  Again, this talks about a break-up, with the background of Christmas.  You can only wonder who he was singing about?  This song was 8th track off the band’s 1985 release “Music from the Edge of Heaven,” which was sadly the band’s last album!  I’m sure Meat Matt would love to find George Michael under his his Christmas Tree this year!

All My Bells Are Ringing- Lenka:  I featured Lenka in one of my “Songs We Must Have” segment, where I featured her track “The Show.”  Lenka is an indie artist, but this an infectious track!  I believe it was featured on a Gap or Old Navy commercial!  The Hotel Cafe tour has been a successful tour of Indie artist who hit the road every year.  Lenka toured last year where she recorded this track and it was included on the Hotel Cafe Christmas songs album!  I’m sure you’ll make this a holiday staple every year!

Donde Esta Santa Clause?- Augie Rios:  Not much is known about this song, other than it was released in 1958.  I am Mexican, so this song really speaks out to me.  Often times I go back and forth between English & Spanish when I speak, which Augie does throughout this track!  Enjoy!



Magic Carpet Ride- Steppenwolf:  Hard to believe, but did you know that these psychedelic rockers were from Canada?  So there’s another thing to add to the list of good thinks from our neighbors to the North!  Steppenwolf goes right next to bacon!  This song is definitely a party starter!  This is the 7th song is off of the band’s 1969 sophomore album Steppenwolf the Second.  This is a pretty famous track, so shame on you if you’re hearing it for the first time, this is a rock classic!

Menitorsa- Mellow Man Ace:  Mellow Man Ace was one of the original members of Cypress Hill.  Mellow Man Ace is also the half-brother of Sen Dog, member of Cypress Hill.  Back in the late 80’s, Latinos were coming out of the rap scene.  You had Mellow Man Ace, Kid Frost, Latin Alliance, Poper Dos, Cypress Hill, Hispanic Mc’s and several more.  This song was so catchy, and I caught myself singing over and over.  Needless to say it was a big hit on the radio and around school.  This is the second song from Mellow Man Ace’s 1989 debut album, Escape From Havana.

Distractions- Zero 7:  Sia is one of my favorite singers, and this track is when she sang with the production crew of Zero 7.  Chill music is very under-rated in the music industry.  Many people don’t believe that their is any validity int he music because of its “atmospheric” sound.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Take this track, for example, it deals with real issues.  The hook is crazy, along with Sia’s outstanding vocals!  This is the 7th track off the bands 2001 debut album Simple Things.   I Only Make Jokes To Distract Myself/From The Truth/From The Truth/I Love You/I Love You I Do!

You Got It All- The Jets:  Like I said, Latinos were starting to come out in the mid-eighties.  Although it wasn’t a big explosion in the Pop scene, they were mostly heard in the “Freestyle” dance genre.  Many people point to Gloria Estefan as the “one” who made it big.  While she gets a lot of credit, deservedly so, the band The Jets never get enough.  They came out rockin’ and with some unforgettable slow jams.  This song right hear could be heard in gyms across America, while dancin’ with that one girl you had a crush on!  This is the 3rd track off their 1985 self-titled debut album.  Enjoy and reminisce!

Making Ends Meet- Thee Midniters:  No one was bigger in the late 60s & early 70s in East L.A. than Thee Midniters.  These guys were huge on the local scene and in Chicano Rock.  I can remember my mom playing their records while cleaning the house.  Little Willie G and the crew made our parents some lasting memories.  They were a great cover band, that made some great original music as well.  Plus, we need to add a little ghetto-ness at times, so here’s my contribution!


Musication- A Proportional Response

So I have been called out twice by our co-host Dr. Justin.  OK, I get it, he likes The Smiths (morrissey), but come on!  How Soon Is Now the greatest song ever recorded/written?  Really?  I understand when you love a band/singer that you are fully into their music, I get that, but to make outlandish statements like that?  Pure craziness!  I love The Cure, but I don’t even have the guts to say that any of their songs are the greatest ever written/recorded?  So I’ve complied a list (by category) to provide evidence that disproves Dr. Justin’s statement.  To be fair, this is just off the top of my head, since Justin made his claim out of his rear-end.  Therefore, I may have missed a song or two, so if I have, please comment and give us your thoughts!

Since this song was released in the 80’s, in the spirit of the Musication format, I’ll give you 5 songs that were released in that era, which are vastly superior:

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper), Every Breath You Take (The Police), One (Metallica), Hands To Heaven (Breathe), Somebody (Depeche Mode)

So you may say nah that is a completly different genre, well since the band is from 80’s “New Wave”, here are a few songs/bands from that era that are still better:

The Promise (When In Rome), If You Leave (OMD), The Metro (Berlin), I Melt With You (Modern English), True Faith (New Order)

If you want to throw out genres, let’s look at some songs that defy genre and time (by the way, these are even crazier gooder).  Please don’t tell me these songs are not at the level of a smiths song, please don’t do that to yourself:

Imagine (John Lennon), Stairway to Heaven (Led Zepplin), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Everlong (Foo Fighters), Freebird (Lynard Skynard)

I can keep going, but I’ll stop!  I understand that you love morrissey, but I never mentioned the Cure once!  For all of you readers out there, please take a small amount of time to reply and name however many songs you want that are better than How Soon Is Now.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a great song, but I still think Girlfriend In A Comma and Big Mouth Strikes Again are still better, but that is my opinion.



Untitled– The Cure:  I think it’s pretty obvious to our reader’s that I am a huge Cure fan.  I have tried not to talk about them too much, but now the wait is over.  This song is the last track off the mega-smash hit album Disintegration.  This is by far one of their best albums!  This song is probably my most favorite, with this version being the best one!  What I love about Robert Smith is writing!  He often uses play on words, while at other times he is just straight forward, but he is always very descriptive:  Never Quite Said What I Wanted To Say To/Never Quite Managed The Words To Explain To You/Never Quite Knew How To Make It Believable…Feeling the Monster Climb Deeper Inside of Me/Feeling Him Gnawing My Heart Away Hungrily/I’ll Never Lose This Pain/Never Dream Of You Again! What?  Enough Said!  Everyone else just needs to stop and pay respect!

Working On A Groovy Thing– Patti Drew:  Wow!  How can anyone follow The Cure?  Patti Drew is good enough to follow and hold her own!  This is definitely a Sunday Afternoon type song!   This song is taken from her 1968 album “Tell Him.” The Oldies are alive and well here at ETS.  It has a mellow sound, which is great for BBQs, or just hanging out at the park!  This song is not nearly as famous as her smash hit Tell Him, but in my opinion, it is better!  So run out and stock up on Patti Drew!

2 O’clock in the Morning– Swati- Taken off her 2007 debut Album Small Gods.  I figured this song would go well with the Cure theme.  This track is put together well.  I love her sexy voice, especially when it is working in well with the instrumentation.  The guitar arrangement is beautiful (that’s right, I’m not afraid to say it)!  Most of you probably haven’t heard of this very gifted singer, you should check her out and support acts like these!  I’ll say it once again, I dig chicks that rock!

360 (What Goes Around)– Grand Puba:  in 1992 rap was really taking a dive.  It was becoming too commercial, and there were a lot of rappers “selling out.”  This is one of those songs that was borderline.  It still “kept it real” incorporating Hip-Hop, but it still contained a more commercial feel.  Regardless, it still a song that represents Hip-Hop during the early 1990’s.  Grand Puba gained fame as part of the super-group Brand Nubian.  I was reminded of this song when DJ Turrtle asked me if I had this song!  So I let the secret out, you probably thought I had some sort of mathematic algorithm on how I picked these songs!  Actually, I let the Demoralizer 3000 actually do some work!

Lost In Emotion– Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam  Since I am reminiscing, I thought I’d feature this track.  This song just takes me back to when I was a kid.  It doesn’t remind me of any particular time in my life, but I just get a happiness when I hear it!  It reminds me of a simpler time.  On top of that ,it is a catchy song.  This song embodies the late 80’s sound.  Latinos were really coming out big at that time:  the Jets, Gloria Estefan & Taco.  This is the 8th track of her 1987 release, “Spanish Fly.” So sit back & enjoy the ride!



Son Of A Preacher Man- Dusty Springfield:  I will admit that the first time I heard this song was in 1994, 25 yrs after its release.  I heard it while watching Pulp Fiction.  I had no idea what the name of the singer/song was, so I had to wait until the credits.  I ran out and bought Dusty in Memphis.  This track does not sound 40 years old, but it is.  It was released in 1969, and it still sounds as good today as it did 40 years ago!  We miss you Dusty!

The Vapors- Biz Markie:  This song also reminds me of 1994, homecoming to be exact.  My friends Tony, Mauricio, DJ Turrtle & I had so much fun driving around La Puente to this song.  We must have played it over 40 times that night.  I still have such found memories of this track everytime I hear it!  This is the 5th song on Biz’ 1988 debut album, “Goin’ Off.”  My favorite line by far:  “Nigga Please!  You Work For UPS!”  Classic!  So any punks out there can catch the vapors!

My Fantasy- Guy:  Guy had many hits in the late 80’s- the early 90s.  None bigger than their classic slow jam “Let’s Chill.”  Singer Teddy Riley became one of the most influential producers in music, but back in 1988, he was trying to get his name on the map.  Teddy Riley created a whole new genre called New Jack Swing.  This new genre was largely due in part to the release of “My Fantasy” taken from the 1988 soundtrack to the movie Do The Right Thing.”  Guy became somewhat known in the R&B scene, but Teddy blew up, becoming one of the most well known producers around.

Runaround Sue- Dion:  OK, I didn’t do this on purpose, but here another track over 45 years old!  Released by Dion in 1961, this song quickly became a hit.  It could be heard at the local Malt Shop, or in a Ford T-Bird being driven by a greaser.  This is one of the catchiest Rock N Roll songs ever.  In fact, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it #342 on their Top 500 Songs of All-Time.  Not too shabby for a song recorded in the early 60’s.  So get your Polka-Dot  poodle skirt, your dancing shoes and drive to your local Malt Shop and Dance the night away!  Come on, don’t be a square!  Be hip, don’t make me tell you to “Sit On It!”

Season of the Witch- Donovan:  Here is another song that is over 40 years old, yet it sounds as fresh today as it did when it was first released.  This song is the 6th track off Donovan’s 1966 album Sunshine Superman.  Donovan was one of the first artist to enjoy any real success here in the states, and he is a cult icon overseas.