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Catching Up With…

Hello all in cyberspace!  This week I thought I’d keep y’all up to date with some of our past guests.  So check out these amazing artists and relive their interviews on our site!

Lucy Schwartz-  We are always looking out for our fans, especially in this economy!  Click on Lucy’s logo to download “When We Were Young” for FREE!  How can you beat that?  We are so proud of this amazing singer/songwriter!  She and Landon Pigg recently performed on the “Tonight Show w/Jay Leno”.  You could also spot her on the red carpet, as she and Pigg recorded the song “Darling I Do” for the movie Shrek Forever After.  Lucy is getting set to join the Lilith Fair in July and getting ready to release her full-length album “Life in Letters” later this summer.  She is a busy gal!  So busy that she can sometimes have too much on her plate.  On May 13th, she tweeted this: “getting locked outside one’s own house makes one feel so incompetent. Yes, I am the “one” I am speaking of….”  Watch our interview with Lucy here, buy here Ep on iTunes here,  check out her music video Darling I Do with Landon Pigg here and watch her performance on Jay Leno here!

Letron-  Is she Sexy Robot Letron or is she just her normal self these days?  Who knows, but what we do know is that this bad ass bitch has been doing some big things!  She recently opened for the Pussycat Dolls and she also just released another music video.  This Thursday you’ll be able to here her favorite track “I’m Feelin’ Sexxi” of her Letronation Ep on our very own Podcast Ep.  Has Letron gone singer/songwriter on us?  See for yourself in her latest video here.  She has also started her very own blog, click here for her blog.  Click here to relive one of our best interviews with Letron

Greg Holden makes his return to the City of Angles on June 5th.  Join me and some of the cast & crew from the Enter the Shell Show at Room 5 in Los Angeles on June 8th, as we check him and Katie Costello out!  Click here for more details.  Greg recently released a new video with a new song from his “Not My Living Room Series” click here for the video.  Click here to re-live the interview with our crew!  Greg also has a sense of humor, yesterday he tweeted this: “Automated phone robots that try to sound like humans by saying words like “cool” and “awesome”, are in fact not either of those things.”  What a philosopher!  Click here to buy Greg’s Ep “Sing for the City” on iTunes here.  For all the latest updates, click here for Greg’s Official Website.

Katie Costello is asking questions, the answering them herself?  Check out what she recently tweeted about: “I love yoga. Yes, this makes me a yuppie. Yes, I have shame. Yes, it is minimal but still existent. No, this is not the first time I’ve answered invisible questions from myself, to myself, then publicized on the internet.”  Did she forget to mention that she also loved the library?  Check out Katie’s blog here, also check out her Official Website for up to the minute details on Katie here.  Also, don’t forget to check Katie and Greg out on June 8th, we’ll give more details on our next podcast!  Click here to hear/watch our interview where Katie talks about the “Spirit Voices” on her record “Kaleidascope Machine.”  Buy Kaleidascope Machine here on iTunes.   Katie is getting ready to release her latest album “Lamplight” this summer and we’ll keep you posted on that.  I am really looking forward to this release, especially for her track “People: A Theory.”  Check out the video below for a sneak peak at this track!  Enjoy!

While Cary Brothers is busy gallivanting across Holland with our homie Laura Jansen, he’s been kind enough to give out his song “Over & Out” for FREE!  Just click the banner and receive this amazing song off his album “Ghost Town.”  Ghost Town has been doing very well, charting on the iTunes Charts in the Indie category.  Click here to see Cary & Laura Jansen doing a Ryan Adams cover, excellent!  Although Cary is away on tour, you can still purchase his amaziong album on iTunes here, visit his Official site here, and re-watch the interview here.

Well that’s all folks!


Catching Up With…

For those fans who can’t get enough of our past guests, here’s what’s going on with them!

For those of you who liked our interview with the quartet The Rescues, they can now be heard on MY FM 104.3 here in Los Angeles.  Since they joined us in the studio, they released their first Ep, and will join the Lilith Fair in August.  In an effort to promote their new Ep, they just left for an East Coast tour.  Will their dream come true by playing at Madison Square Garden?  Time will tell!  Buy their Ep on iTunes.  In an effort to give you FREE music, click here for a legally free download of “Let Loose the Horses” from their latest Ep.  Enjoy!

Emily Wells just left on a solo tour, where she’ll be in Seattle on the 22nd, the show is only $10, how can you beatthat?  Click here for ticket/show details.  Emily recently moved to San Francisco to work with Dan the Automator.  In our interview with Emily, she mentioned her dogs Egon and Oly, coincidentally, Emily is looking for a home for her dogs.  If you’d like to help, visit her MySpace page for more info.  Emily will also be here in LA on the 29th at Largo (click here for ticket info).

The Steelwells were our first guests on the ETS show and they will be playing at the famed Hotel Cafe this Saturday, April 24th.  The show is $5, isn’t ETS looking out for you in this down economy?  How can you beat that?  Click here for more ticket info.  The band also appeared on the cover of OC Music Mag, click here for the picture & story.  The band will also be playing around LA, so check their MySpace for up to the minute concert information.

Lucy Schwartz is doing big things!  She recently recorded a song for the movie “Mother & Child” and her song “Little One” is used in the movie’s trailer.  Click here to see the trailer featuring her song.  She recently recorded the theme song to for the NBC show “Parenthood” so check for that soon!  She also recorded a song for the soundtrack to Shrek 4 with Landon Pigg, the song is amazing & I can’t wait for her to share it with all of us!  One thing that never ends are the nightmares!  She recently posted this on her twitter: “A long night of weird nightmares….evil dogs, scary dance classes, piano lessons that won’t end.”  Lucy is getting set to join the Lilith Fair in the summer.  Follow her on her MySpace for up to the minute details!

Well, that should get you caught up on some of the artists we’ve featured over the past few months.  So go check out some of these amazing artists.  Many times, these artists play in small venues and are accessible to the fans before and after the show!  Also, these shows are relatively inexpensive and in small venues.  I encourage everyone to check out at least one artist!


An Evening with…Katie Costello

This week’s guest, on the ETS Music Show, will be Katie Costello.  This Hermosa Beach native currently lives in Brooklyn, but she was recently in town performing in her backyard.  I had the great pleasure to spend a few moments with this talented singer/songwriter.

What I love most about Indie music is the availability of the artists.  As I walked into the venue, Katie was sitting there with Greg Holden.  She was nice enough to say Hi and tell me a little bit about herself!  As I walked away, I was began to anticipate her set.  When a singer makes a connection with a fan, the fan immediately becomes more invested in the artist.

The venue was small and intimate, I don’t believe it held more than 100 people.  Recent guest, Lucy Schwartz, opened the show.  Playing piano and giving a great performance.  She played a new song that will be featured in the upcoming Shrek 4 movie, which sounded great!  UK singer/songwriter Greg Holden was up next.  I had never heard his music and I was pleasantly surprised by his vocals and lyrics.  Holden gave the audience a glimpse into his songs and the meaning behind them.  His songs became very powerful after learning why he wrote them.  I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll hear him soon on our show!

The real treat came as Katie took to the stage.  The crowd was filled with many friends and family and it was a real treat to see so many people supporting this talented singer.  Katie was in town putting the finishing touches on her upcoming album, which will hit the mean streetz of Hermosa Beach by this summer.  Katie played some old favorites and some new tracks.  She played a new track “People: A Theory” and if this is any glimpse of what to expect from her new album, then we’re in for a real treat!   Her set was very passionate and intimate.  At times, it almost felt as if she were singing directly at me.  I know she wasn’t, but that’s what you get in an intimate performance such as this one.  I was engaged by her songs and her charm as she performed. She shared the stage with some of her friends which made the night very enjoyable.

Katie is a musician who is not afraid to test the boundaries of music.  She has a style much like Nellie McKay meets Meiko.  Her soft voice is pleasing to the ear, while she is definitely a feast for the eyes!  As I left the venue, I left with great anticipation to hear her upcoming album.  No doubt about it, Katie’s album will be one of the most anticipated albums of 2010.  Katie was kind enough to sign a handful of CDs for us, so tune in this Thursday to find out how to get your hands on one of these CDs.


Catching up With….Lucy Schwartz

Lucy is one of the most talented musicians we’ve had the pleasure of being on our show!  Not only is she talented, but she is super cool!  Lucy recently released a video for her song “Gravity,” off her Help Me! Help Me! Ep.  I recently had the opportunity to talk to her and here are her thoughts on the song and video! Get ready for some hot dance moves and enjoy the video above!

What was the concept behind the video?

I am always dancing every day, everywhere I go….so I figured it was about time I had a dancing music video! I wanted something that was also very interesting visually, so I came up with the idea of wearing white and projecting old family slides onto myself and the white background.

Who directed the music video?

My cousin, Cooper Roberts, directed the “Gravity” video.  And my brother, Ian Schwartz, directed the “Help Me! Help Me!” video. It’s nice having so many artistic folks in the family.

What was the inspiration behind this beautiful song?

For me, the inspiration usually comes from the music itself. When I started writing the song, the chords had this triumphant feeling to them, and so the words came from that. To me, the song is about someone who is discovering their inner-power and realizing that they have the ability to do everything they’ve been dreaming of.

When is the new album being released?

“Life in Letters” is coming out summer 2010! Woohoo! It’s looking like the release date will be August!

What song or artist is your guilty pleasure?

Hanson. I have a great affection for Hanson.  I listened to them everyday when I was little. I was in love with Zach, and then Taylor, and then Isaac—so eventually I was in love with all of them. Their concert was the first concert I ever went to. Every time I hear them it brings me back to my childhood. Actually, as I was typing this, Hanson came on my shuffle and it made me so happy!

Thanks Again to Lucy!  Catch her this summer at the Lilith Fair and tell her Mailo from ETS said “Hola!”  Just be sure not to bring any butterflies to the show!

Facebook/ MySpace/ Twitter/ Lilith Fair SiteOur Video Interview/ Purchase Help Me! Help Me! Ep:  Amazon/ iTunes


A Night With…Emily Wells

I recently said that I had never seen Emily Wells live, well I can’t say that anymore.  Me and a few buddies, went to Scripps College to see her perform.  There is only one word to describe her live show:  WOW!  Before the show began, Emily & I hung out for a bit where we talked about her music, taxes and life.  For those who don’t know me, I’m 33 yrs old, and I could say that I may have acted like a little school girl!  I was definitely star struck.  Before, during, and after the show, Emily exuded a type of confidence, she has an aura about her.  As I looked at the crowd, I felt a little scared for Emily before she took the stage, because the crowd seemed a bit too “60’s Flower Power.”  I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react to her music.

Emily opened with an acapella cover song and the crowd seemed to be somewhat into it, but by the end of the show, everyone was as blown away as I was.  She won the crowd over with her charismatic personality and of course her great musical skill.     She even temporarily changed the title of her song “Take It Easy SF” to “Take it Easy I.E.”  Emily trotted out some of her new material, which she told me before the show that she was very excited about her upcoming album.  If the new songs were any indication of what to expect, then be prepared for the best album of 2010!

Emily’s new tracks seemed to have a more down-tempo feel, with deep bass and a bit more of a psychedelic feel.  Emily played about 4 new songs, one called “The Passanger.” I could picture a lazy hot sunny summer day, driving around LA with your windows down and “The Passanger” blaring out the window.  Emily played a new song with the Ukulele, referring to it as her first gospel inspired track.

The crowd really seemed to come alive during her tribute to Notorious B.I.G. on her cover of “Juicy.”  She really got into it, clutching her “gun necklace” during this performance.  For me personally, the highlight of the night was “Symphony 9 & The Sunshine.”  This, to me, is by far my most favorite song.  Before the show, Emily told me that she was going to do a mix of this song that has never been released.  As she performed this track, I felt the music move from the stage through my body and seep deep into my skin.  I got chills listening to this amazing performer doing what she loves, and more importantly doing it the way she wants to do it.  I would strongly recommend to all of our readers/listeners to see this amazing performer live!

Emily was gracious enough to sign a few Eps for us, so check out our podcast this Thursday for details on how to get a free copy of her latest Ep, Dirty.  For Emily, Thanks for a great show and your humble way!  Click Here for Emily’s Official Website and for any upcoming tour dates!


Catching Up With…..

Our sacrificial virgin Joey Winter of The Steelwells, has been given some great recognition….The band has been nominated for Best New Artist, Best Indie Band and Best Song “El Capitan.”  Click here to vote for them for the OC Music Awards….Also They’ll be performing at the legendary Hotel Cafe on February 26, 2009 at 10 PM, click here for the venue calendar section.  Good Luck guys, I’m puzzled as to why they weren’t nominated for best baked cookies!….Here’s a recent write up on the band.

Eugene & the 1914 will be performing around Long Beach on February 24th & 27th….On February 24th, they’ll be playing at Dipiazzas for a mere $5!  Click here for more info….On the 27th, they’ll be performing at The Basement, there’s no ticket info available, but click here for any available info….Video for “Night Dive” performance by the band, click here

Catch Lucy Schwartz at the Troubador on the 24th of February.  She’ll be performing with The Rescues, click here for ticket info… On February 11th, Lucy twitted/twatted “I’m such a wimp I was scared watching a Sandra Bullock movie about witches and romance. In my defense there was a vengeful demon ghoul in it.”

I’ll try to keep this one up every once in awhile!  Enjoy!