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Top 7 Songs of 2010

As the year comes to an end, every site starts rolling out their end of the year lists.  I’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 Songs of 2010.  So here they are in order:

1.  I Can’t Go For That- The Bird & The Bee- Released on the album “Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute To Daryl Hall & John Oates.”  This song combines two of my favorite things:  Inara and a funky dance beat!  This is a sign of things to come for the Top Albums of 2010.

2.  The Thing That’s The Hardest Is Actually The Easiest- The Shimmies- Released on “To All My Beloved Enemies.” The Shimmies are one of the best bands you’ve never heard of, until now.  This song is reminiscent of Radiohead meets Simon & Garfunkel and is the lead off track to their album.  It’ll leave you wanting more!   Click here to hear the Shimmies on ETS!

3.  Lost & Far From Home- Katie Costello- Released on the Ep “The City In Me.”  Katie is one of our favorite artists on our site.  She recently released her Ep, and this song has been in heavy rotation ever since!  If “The City in Me” is any indication of her upcoming album “Lamplight” then it’ll be (and already is) one of the most anticipated albums of 2011!  Click here to hear Katie playing this song and several others live on Enter the Shell.

4.  Something About You- Cary Brothers- Released on the album “Out of Control.”  This song features another ETS guest, Laura Jansen, on vocals.  This is a cover song, originally done by Level 42 and it was re-worked in a way that makes it a Cary Brothers classic.  The album is one of the best albums of 2010, and this song is a major reason why!  Click here to listen to Cary Brothers on Enter the Shell.

5.  When We Swam- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down- Released off the album “Know Better Learn Faster.”  One of the funkiest tracks of 2010.  This song is guaranteed to get you up off the couch and shake what your mamma gave you!  Thao has been around for several years, but this song put her on another level in 2010, so 2011 looks bright for Thao!  Click here to listen to “When We Swam” on Enter the Ep Vol. 3.

6.  When We Were Young- Lucy Schwartz- Released off the “Parenthood TV Soundtrack.”  This song was officially made available in August of 2010.  Now it is hard to pick favorites, but this song is one of the best in the Lucy Schwartz catalog.  Lucy did big things in 2010, and she’s looking to climb higher in 2011.  I’m certain you’ll hear me write another little something before the end of the year on Ms. LuLu!  Click here for our original interview, and here for her in-studio performance.

7. El Captain- The Steelwells– Released off their Ep “Shallow on the Draft.”  The Steelwells were the first band to appear on the ETS show and with good reason.  Shallow on the Draft was one of the best Eps in 2010.  El Captain was also recognized by the Orange County Music Awards as the best song!    It is also one of the best and most creative videos of the year. We look forward to hearing something new from Joey and the boys, especially some freshly baked cookies!  Click here to re-live the interview!


CD Giveaway 6- Omar Torrez

Hello ETS Nation!  We here at Enter the Shell LOVE our fans!  As we continue on with our “Music Movement,” we are hooking our fans up with some FREE signed copies of Omar’s Top of the World Ep!  Below you will find the contest rules:

1.  You MUST be a fan of Enter the Shell on Facebook.  (Click here to fix this problem if you aren’t a fan already!)

2. You must send me an e-mail ( including your name & mailing address

3. Tell us (in a couple of sentences) why you LOVE Omar’s music!

4. Receive your FREE copy of the Ep and enjoy it at home! (For the winners of course)

All entries must be received by Dec 19th at 9 pm (pst).  Winners will be announced on our next live show with Paper City of Long Beach on Dec 22nd!  ETS Fans who have won a CD within the last 30 days are not eligible for the contest!  Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Enter The Shell!

Re-Live The Magic Here


CD Giveaway #4- Eddie Cohn

Hey ETSers!  Another live show, so you know what that means?  that’s right, you guessed it!  Another CD giveaway!  The title may have given the answer away, any hoot, here are the rules:

1.  Eddie Played 5 songs, e-mail me (provided below) the names of 3 of the 5 songs in any order

2.  Become a fan of Enter the Shell on Facebook.  Not a Fan?  Shame on you, click here to fix that!

3. Write a couple of sentences on why you LOVE Eddie’s music!

4.  E-Mail me your Full Name and COMPLETE address, so we know where to ship the album to.  Please Include CD Giveaway in the subject box.

5.  Listen to the next ETS Show where we’ll reveal the winners!

6. Enjoy your new Eddie Cohen CD at home!

We have 3 signed copies of Eddie’s album “Stay With Me.”  Winners will be chosen at random on air during the Dec. 7th podcast.   All entries must be received by Dec 2nd at Midnight (Pacific Standard Time).    ETS Fans who have won a prize within the last 30 days are not eligible.  Anyone who enters will automatically win a free digital download of an exclusive Greg Holden concert recorded at Room 5 in Los Angeles (ETS fans who are not eligible for the CD can still enter to receive the digital download).


Good Luck!  Re-Live the podcast here!


Cd Giveaway #3- Greg Holden

Hey Y’all, Enter the Shell is doing another CD giveaway!  This week’s show featured the amazing Greg Holden!  Although he’s working hard on his upcoming album, we got him to sign a couple cheap viagra canada of his Ep’s for our giveaway.  Below are the rules for obtaining the Ep:

1. You MUST be a fan of Enter the Shell on Facebook (click here to “like” us)

2. Greg performed 5 songs for us, you must e-mail me the track names of 3 of the 5 songs he performed, in any order.  E-Mail address provided below.

3.  In a couple of sentences, tell us why you Love Greg’s music!

4. Include your name and mailing address, so we can send the Cds to you.

5. Enjoy your FREE Greg Holden signed Ep!

E-Mail Address:

The first 2 contestants to enter will win the signed copies!  Anyone who enters will automatically receive a FREE digital download of a Greg Holden concert recorded at Room 5 in Los Angeles!  This contest closes at Midnight (pst) on Fri Nov 19th, 2010.  Good luck!

Re-Live the Magic (here)

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Kanye West’s “Runaway” premieres on three channels

Tonight, Kanye West’s movie “Runaway” premiered on MTV, MTV2 and BET. The movie can now be seen on his blog and on YouTube, but more importantly HERE!

“Runaway” features West driving along a windy road, stopping short of a crashed Phoenix who he then takes home and makes his girlfriend. Struggling to identify with the our world, Phoenix decides to continue to burn and leaves West’s character, which then leads to him running. A lot.

The short is visually stunning and provides a soundtrack that will be heard on his upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Luckily, there is not very much dialogue because Mr. West and lingerie model Selita Ebanks are horrible actors, but this film is totally worth the watch if you’ve got 35 minutes to spare and if you’re looking forward to Kanye’s forthcoming album.


Another CD Giveaway- Katie Costello

Thanks for Supporting ETS!  This week the gang caught up with Katie Costello, and if you listened to the show you heard about our latest giveaway.  Below are the rules for the contest:

This Giveaway is Officially  Closed!  Thank to all those who participated!  Winners will be announced in 2 weeks@


Contest: Win A Signed Copy of Life & Letters! (Contest ended 10/15)

Thank You for Your Support!  This Contest is officially OVER, winners will be announced on the upcoming podcast featuring a live in studio session with Katie Costello!

Hey Y’all!  To celebrate Lucy’s appearance on the Enter the Shell Show, we are giving away a Free Signed copy of Lucy’s latest album “Life In Letters.”  Here are the rules to win the contest:

1.  You MUST be a fan of Enter the Shell on Facebook (Click here to become a fan of the Music Movement on Facebook)

2.  You must e-mail me the names of the 3 songs Lucy performed on the show (click here to listen to the podcast) in the correct order!

3.  Write a couple of sentences on why you LOVE Lucy’s  music

4. You MUST include your name and complete address in the e-mail

5.  Option:  Include your phone number if you’d like to be a part of the next podcast

My e-mail address:

Good Luck and may the Schwartz be with you!


Free Concert & Album Stream: Holly Miranda

Originally the lead singer of the NY based The Jealous Girlfriends, Holly Miranda has recently released her first album, “The Magician’s Private Library.”   This amazing musician has a style and a sound that I think our readers will enjoy.  She recently recorded an mini concert, and I decided to put it here for your listening enjoyment!   Click here to listen to the full concert.  If you’d like to preview the entire album for FREE, just scroll down to the bottom of this post.  Enjoy the music!

Listen to Holly’s entire album for FREE:


Great Performances – Janelle Monae

You know how my latest obsession is this PYT Janelle Monae? Well, an hour long performance on KCRW is available for your viewing pleasure! Check it out now by clicking here! Or you can simply watch the entire performance below!  You won’t regret it. This gal is the real deal.