Artist of the Week- The Shimmies

The Shimmies are probably the best band you’ve never heard of!  So why are they the Artist of the Week?  The Shimmies’ solo debut album, To All Beloved Enemies, is probably the year’s best album!  The album is a major breakthrough for a band, which features two brothers, due to its blend of Radiohead meets Deathcab for Cutie, with a touch of Michael Stipe.

The band is from Central California (Chico to be exact).  The band name is a blend of the band’s two brothers first names: Sean & Jimmy.  Keeping it in the family is the name of the game for this band, adding another brother Stephen to the band and longtime friend Jack Gingerich.  With a passion for music, their sound has been developed through the years, starting off as an acoustic duo, to their bigger rock sound, which they call “Home School Rock.”

The band’s dark sound has often been associated with Sigur Ros and Jeff Buckley.  The band takes it back to the roots, by incorporating harmonies along with the dark sound, which is a fitting tribute to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Wednesday Morning 3AM,” which they listened to as kids.

The lead off track to their album, “The Thing That Seems The Hardest Is…” is by far the band’s signature track.  It blends all their influences well, while giving our Editor Sara a brief shout out.  The harmonies, combined with their rich, dark sound make it a song very reminiscent of the early 90’s rock scene.

As the album plays, there is no shortage of great tracks.  As the album takes you back to a magical time in rock music where bands cared more about sound and lyrical content than selling records.  The Shimmies have taken their sound and put it out there for the whole world to listen.  To All Beloved Enemies is without a doubt the best album of 2010.  There are no “filler” tracks on the album as each song stands alone on its own merit and when sequenced properly, it is simply a masterpiece.

Check the links below to see when The Shimmies will be around the LA area and go out and support this truly phenomenal band.  I am truly convinced that The Shimmies are on the rise, they have the sound and look, which are the ingredients necessary to become a top-tier rock band!  Begin the grassroots movement and jump on the bandwagon before they become Rock Gods and forget about us little people!

Top 3 Songs

1. The Thing That Seem The Hardest Is Actually the Easiest

2. Un Fantome

3. Beloved Enemies

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