Artist of the Week (Legend Series)- Big Daddy Kane

Rappers stepping to me they want to get some
But I’m the Kane, so yo, you know the outcome
Another victory
They can’t get with me
So pick a BC date cause you’re history
I’m the authentic poet to get lyrical
For you to beat me, it’s gonna take a miracle
And, stepping to me, yo that’s the wrong move
So what you on, Hobbs, dope or dog food?
Competition I just devour
Like a pitbull against a Chihuahua
Cause when it comes to being dope, hot damn
I got it good, now let me tell you who I am
The B-I-G D-A-double D-Y K-A-N-E

Immortal lyrics taken from one of the greatest MC’s ever and our Legend of the Month, Big Daddy Kane.  It’s funny because most youngsters don’t know who Big Daddy Kane is, yet he is one of the rap game’s elite rappers.  Kane’s rapping was so versatile that he was able to flow with any beat that was given to him.  How instrumental was he in the rap game?  Eminem and Jay-Z site him as a major influence.  Biz Markie and Ice-T call him one of the greatest rappers of all-time.  Rolling Stone also named him one of the Top 5 Rappers of All-Time.

Big Daddy Kane is from the birthplace of rap music: Brooklyn, New York.  He was one of the first rappers with a baritone voice, so it would that he would collaborate with Barry White on Barry’s song “All Of Me.”  Big Daddy Kane became part  of the Juice Crew, where he met Biz Markie, Marley Marl and Kool G Rap.  Kane began to write songs for Biz and they quickly became friends.  Kane’s friend and Producer Marley Marl signed Kane in 1987 to a record deal.

In 1988 Kane released his single “RAW,” which was featured in the movie soundtrack “Colors.”  The song was a hit in the underground and Kane got instant street cred and his solo album was much anticipated.  Long Live The Kane was released in 1988, and Kane did not disappoint!  The album is one of the most influential rap albums in the 1980’s, if not of all time.  “Ain’t No Half Steppin” was an instant hit in the clubs and in the Jeeps.  Kane was realizing his dreams and he was getting some major exposure and respect within the rap game.

It’s A Big Daddy Thing was released in 1989 and was largely produced by Marley Marl and Teddy Riley.  The album was also a success and featured the ballad “To Be Your Man.”  Come to think of it, how many rappers can release a ballad and still be maintain their street cred?  Kane, that’s who!

At its inception, rap was largely a politically based musical genre.  Kane was one of the first to use the music as a forum/platform for the ladies.  He was the first “playa” of rap music.  He is the only rapper to sell out two sold Women Only shows at the famed Apollo Theater in New York.

In the early 1990’s, Kane released two albums Dark Chocolate and Prince of Darkness.  By this time, Kane had really left a mark on the rap game and elevated his level to mainstream America.  He was so popular that he was included in Madonna’s Sex book, with a picture of him with Madonna and supermodel Noami Campbell.  Thus securing his place in pimp history as a true Ladies Man.  Kane also gave Jay-Z his first start in the music industry and put him on his videos and tour.

One of the most influential music producers of the current era, RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan calls Kane The Top 5 Greatest Rapper of All Time.  It’s sad that many people who follow rap music don’t give Kane his due.  Kane brought his swag to the rap industry and left a permanent mark on it.  This month we salute the Legend that is the Big Daddy Kane! Much Respect!

Top 5 Songs

1. Cause I Can Do It Right (remix)

2. Ain’t No Half Steppin’

3. RAW

4. To Be Your Man

5. Smooth Operator

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