Artist of the Week- Eugene & the 1914

So what do Eugene Owens and Babe Ruth have in common?  Babe Ruth began playing with the Red Sox in 1914 and Eugene’s band is the 1914’s.  Eugene is our Artist of the Week and it has been a long time comin’!

Long Beach has been known for the success of Snoop Dogg/Warren G/Nate Dogg and a host of other LBC acts.  But it shouldn’t surprise you that the indie scene in Long Beach is excellent.  Aside from Eugene, there are a ton of other acts like:  The Crystal Antlers, Cold War Kids, AVI Buffalo, Allysandra & The Daymakers, should I go on?  Eugene is one of the best artists coming out of the LBC scene, and his new album hit the mean streetz of tha LBC this week!

Eugene is no stranger to the music industry.  Eugene has brothers in the Mars Volta and Hepcat.  Eugene was a recent guest on the show where he talked about growing up in a musical family.  He told us that he would sneak into shows to see his brothers perform and steal their Tom Petty tapes.  Growing up in a musical family and being exposed to various types of music really helped develop/shape Eugene’s style.

With the evolution of the music industry, companies are bought out almost everyday.  Eugene was caught up in a legal battle over his own music!  The record company he signed with was bought out and the new company did not want to let him have HIS own music back!  Can you believe that?  So it is obvious why he had to name his album “Troubles.”

His first album, “Troubles” is an eclectic mix of songs for every occasion.  He’s got some up-tempo tracks like “River” and some thought provoking tracks like “Should I Fall.”  This album should appeal to most listeners of all types of genres.  Eugene also had some major support from some heavy hitters.  The album was co-produced by Smashing Pumpkin’s guitarist James Iha.  Eugene jokingly said that he brought Trader Joe’s to the studio everyday!  Ryan Adams also appears on the album and does some guitar work on some of the tracks, like the title track to the album “Troubles.”

Eugene will be a name we will hear for many years to come.  His musical style and his writing make him one of the elite groups coming out of the Long Beach area.  Check them out this Friday in Long Beach at Fingerprints, for their official record release party!  Check out the band’s MySpace below to follow them around Los Angeles and tell them that the guys from ETS said “Hola!”

Top 3 Songs

1. Should I Fall



3. Just Know

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