Artist of the Week- Cary Brothers

Although Cary Brothers may not seem to be a household name, I have no doubt that you’ve heard his music.  There is also no doubt about his musical genius and that is why he is our Artist of the Week.  Cary Brothers’ music has been featured on the following TV Shows:  Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Bones, Smallville and Scrubs.  His song “Ride” was prominently featured on the soundtrack to the movie “Last Kiss.”

Although he is most famous for his music, he might be better known for being one of the creators of the highly successful indie tour:  The Hotel Café Tour.  Aside from creating the tour, Brothers’ also produced Joshua Radin’s first EP, First Between 3rd and 4th.  Needless to say, Brothers has a creative side that he isn’t afraid to take chances of.

Without the help of radio, Brothers’ had to turn to TV shows to get his music to the masses.  TV is often more willing to highlight a musician because of the lower cost of using their music.  That has paid off for Brothers, who is considered an “A” lister in the Indie music scene.  His MySpace has received over 3.3 million views; not bad for someone who hasn’t had a song played on the radio.

Brothers released his first album Who You Are in 2007, which is odd considering he had been making music for several years prior to that.  Brothers quickly went on tour to support the album, and he headlined the Hotel Café Tour with such acts as:  Meiko, Ingrid Michaleson, Sara Barielles, Jesse Baylin, AM, Jim Bianco and Joshua Radin.  The standout track on the album was “Ride” which has a folky, yet rocking sound to it.  The song “Blue Eyes” which was also featured in the movie “Garden State” is also featured on the album.  I’d have to say that the stand out song from the album has to be the seventh track, “Loneliest Girl in the World.”

Several years have passed since his last release, but Brothers just released his sophomore album Under Control.  Again, with no radio airplay, the album debuted in the Top 50 and debuted No. 1 in the singer/songwriter category.  Very impressive!  With great tracks pop from “Ghost Town” and “Someday” to great ballads like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,”  “Belong” & “After the Fall.”  There is no need for a remote control on this album because it is good from the first note to the last one.  Who knows what lies ahead for this talented singer/songwriter, but one thing is for sure: if you make good music, it is gonna be heard!  I hope you hear this music!  If you go to his official website, you can download a song for free!  ETS is looking out for you in these hard times!

Top 5 Songs

1. Loneliest Girl In The World

2. Ride

3. Ghost Town

4. Blue Eyes

5. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

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