Amanda Palmer and Tristan Allen – “János vs. Wonderland”

In an amazing story of fate, love for music and discovery, Amanda Palmer (one of my and Mailo’s musical crushes) embarked on a project that is probably unheard of.

While walking down the street, she felt compelled to take a picture of some friends hugging. It turns out, one of those kids, Tristan Allen, was a fan of Cabaret music. When he realized who it was taking his picture, he took the opportunity to ask if she would hear him play. She took him to her house (mere blocks away) and proceeded to be blown away by this young talent. Her fanbase was blown away as well, as they raised $8,000 in 48 hours on Kickstarter after seeing a webcast of the two performing together. Allen will release an EP of four original songs and one collaboration with Palmer, entitled Tristan Allen.

Read Palmer’s account of the story here.

This week’s free download is “János vs. Wonderland,” a four-handed duet written and performed by Allen and Palmer exclusively for the EP. The track starts off with slow twinkles and builds up to an intense piano-pounding before slowing back down again. There are no lyrics, but you don’t need any to enjoy this beautiful piece.

Tristan Allen and Amanda Palmer

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