Album Review: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Most of you who read my blogs on a regular basis aren’t surprised to know that I loathe rap music!  So why review a rap album?  Because my boss Sara told me to and that’s why!  All kidding aside, I thought it’d be a fresh perspective on an album that I normally wouldn’t review.  Although I wasn’t a fan of the album, I truly listened to it with an open mind!

So I hop in my car, throw on the iPod and sit back.  Truth be told, I’ve never heard an Kanye West album before, and have only heard a couple of his previous tracks.  From what I’ve read on the internet and from Sara, I was prepared to be blown away.  So I put on my seat belt, strapped on my gloves extra tight, turned my scarf over a few times preparing to get so floored with the album.

It is not a stretch to say that the album definitely gave me a strong reaction!  I have never wanted to physically cause damage to my iPod until that fateful day when I pressed “play” on the Kanye West album.   From the outset, the album started off bad.  I was immediately reminded why I hate rap music.  The album lacked originality, content and ambition.

I have read that this is Kanye’s best work. Well, if that’s true, I’m glad I’ve never purchased any of his albums.  As a lyricist, Kanye is average at best.  He does not stack up to KRS-One, Rakim, 2Pac,  Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def, The Roots, Gangstarr, Eric Sermon, I could go on all day folks!  True, I’m not a fan of Rap, but I am well schooled in it, so I feel I am educated enough to comment on it.

Maybe it’s me, maybe I just don’t get it.  I mean Kanye says “I Get So Much Head/I Woke Up In Sleepy Hallow.”  Really Kanye, Really?  Dr. Seuss and Weird Al were just as clever at rhyming as this guy.  In the track “So Appalled,” Kanye and the guest artists repeat this classic hook: “So Fuckin’ Ridiculous!”  Wow!  What surprised me more was that RZA (who I respect) actually put his name on that song.  I mean, did Kanye’s parents not allow him to cuss?  I mean it is ridiculous, I mean excuse me, so fuckin’ ridiculous!

When people comment or speak of Kanye, they always bring up how he is so innovative, so original and so different.  I did not hear any originality, anything innovative or different.  What sets Kanye apart from most rappers?  You got me?  Let’s take the track “All of the Lights.”  This song is an obvious follow up to the smash hit by Jay-Z, “Run this Town.”  This just goes to show the consumer that record labels and artists are pushing one style, one sound down our throats!  It doesn’t sound like anything different you hear blaring out of car stereos.

Maybe he’s been through a lot since the passing of his mother.  Maybe he is getting a pass from the rap community, but not from me.  In his track, “Monster” he says that everyone knows he is “a mother-fuckin’ monster!”  Really?  I don’t know him as anything other than a whining crybaby!  If Kanye wishes to instill fear into people, maybe he should rap to them, that sure as heck scared me!  I don’t know about you, but if I saw Kanye walking down the street, he would not strike fear into me.  I mean, who is he kidding here!?

Kanye has gone on record as saying that he’s been black-balled from the music industry.  Yeah, of course he has!  You can’t do the things he’s done and expect people not to get pissed!  And don’t tell me that he’s gotten away with murder just because he is a famous musician.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

If you buy into the hype, into the pre-packaged, corny sounding,  mother-goose rhyming  rappers out there, then I think you might like the album.  If you’re looking for originality, then look somewhere else!  I’ll be the first to admit that I hate rap music with a passion, but this album lacks substance.  So take it from a REAL critic who doesn’t have to kiss any Kanye ass.

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