Annie and the Beekeepers- “My Bonneville”

Annie and the Beekeepers, “My Bonneville”
Review by DZ

One thing I really like about this album is the production. From the spooky “Wake Up Mama” to the carefree bounciness of “My Bonneville” to the lazy muted trumpet in “Wrong Darling” to the ethereal end of “Come On,” this is a great sounding album. The arrangements are tasty and smart. I like the use of the occasional horns and the roomy sounding piano. I feel sometimes as if I am inside a physical space that the songs create. There is a tactile quality that I find very compelling similar to some of Tom Waits’ recordings along with a reverb induced spaciousness I found myself falling into from time to time. Annie’s voice sounds confident and sweet with a nice balance of country Americana and straightforward melody.

While I find the lyrics occasionally contrived and / or cliched, overall the songs are very well crafted and smart. Any minor bumps in the road ultimately don’t matter since the whole thing adds up so well and there’s plenty of craft to compensate.

Kudos. This is a very well done album. I highly recommend if you are into indie rock influenced lush folk / Americana without too much twang.